How long before AOSB get back to you with dates for Main Board?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by JC110, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have passed my briefing and submitted my paperwork for Main Board. I am eager to book a Main Board and I got dates sent through very quickly for the briefing even though there was a long wait until the first available date. I am still waiting to hear back from AOSB and it has now been about four weeks. I have chased up with my sponsor and they say that AOSB have received the paperwork and are processing. Does anyone know roughly how long you have to wait before you are offered dates?

  2. I received a list of potential dates around a week after my sponsor sent my paperwork, however they were emailing me also to ask a few bits I missed out on the paperwork so I'm not sure if my errors allowed me to get them sooner than others or this is the norm time frame?
  3. I'm pretty sure that once you get your forms in you get a date - thats the way it worked for a mate of mine, who did Briefing in late October and got a MB date for early Feb. Its wise to get your forms into your ACA in advance too! They can't be actioned until you pass Briefing but at least there is no delays after that.
  4. Not quite, a number of factors are involved. One is that the process clerks are split into name groups ie A-E, so your surname clerk may have a lot more applicants than others etc. Then there's references to chase, all kinds of stuff really.

    Four weeks isn't long really, if you haven't heard by 8 weeks it's probably worth chasing again.
  5. It only took about 10 days for me - my surname begins with O so maybe that helped! Dont be too disheartened, if ur gp or optician has delayed submitting your paper work it can delay it
  6. Thanks for the responses. As said I had already chased this with my sponsor so I decided to call AOSB. It turns out some copies of my educations certificates had been lost or not sent over from my sponsor and they could not process any further and offer me a date until they had another copy. So once faxed I will get asap.

    Thanks again
  7. I passed briefing Oct 17th. Sent my certificates to AFCO about three weeks ago and haven't heard from westbury yet. Although my AFCO did ring me a week ago and told me to be patient..........

    The trouble is I have to pass main board by May or I will miss out because of age!

    Really want a date!
  8. Tips to help you,

    firstly I assume your AFCO are aware of your age issue? If you have not specifically mentioned it, do so. Do so again if need be, there are process in place for people in your situation.

    Secondly; referees given in AFCO4 - tell them to return reference requests asap.

    Thirdly; Vetting; have you completed your cerebus action? Do it now if not.