How long are 3 mercian stationed in germany ?

Hoping to join 3 mercian as its my 'local' regiment and found that they are moving to germany later this year, just wondering if anybody knows how long they will be there for, and how often you get to come home if your deployed over there ?

I may be wrong but....

You will join 3 Mercian and 3 Bn will stay in Fally. The Bns don't move anymore, apart from a few of the Light Role Bns.

That means that YOU may move during your time. You may join the Staffords, but (unlike the old days) you have more chance of moving to 1 or 2 now, aswell as attachments (perhaps) to Brecon, CIC, 4 Bn etc.
oh thanks for reply CF, helped alot. Shame that thier not going to move again tho im not sure about germany :(
Hopefully you get to come back frequently to see family and what not though.
How much pay do you get for being posted abroad, i found it once but cant find it again ??


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