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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by infantry_man, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Hello
    I had my interview yesterday and it all went good
    now im just wateing for them to give me a selection date dose this ushily take long.
  2. Was this interview to become the editor of “The Guardian” by any chance?
  3. dunno, but your grammer skills would suit the Para's. You might even take their brain cell count up to 2.
  4. Answer properly or dont post
  5. You havent really said much there have you? :D

    You had an interview yesterday and you wonder how long it takes to get a selection date?

    Well the answer is simple, when it comes through :D

    The recruiting staff can ring through and get a date for it, but on average it normally takes a couple of days at least to filter down, most of the time you are looking at a week before confirmation of it, again that depends on which Regional ADSC your office uses ;)

    However, one of the questions that should have been raised on the interview is your availability for selection, that normally entails you telling the recruiter when 'you' think you are going to be ready ;)
  6. Oh ok
  7. How ironic. You act the big man pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes to someone asking for advice, and you actually make spelling and grammar mistakes. Sort of like, the hunter becoming the hunted in a literary sense. Think before you type, or at least go back to school for a few more years.
  8. lol :D
  9. And i bet you weren't spell checking like fcuk before you submitted that little rant.
  10. Handbags at dawn.......................

  11. As said it all depends on what ADSC your going to and the availability as most can only do around 40 at any time. Other things to take into account are the holidays as most the joniors will be going for those dates so they dont taketime off school during year 11 (particuarly as PSO's dont like juniors to go down May/June during exam periods). There is normally a backlog around December/January and March/April at leave stand downs.

    On average though it normally takes 2-6 weeks and they will of taken into account any dates you say your unavailable. If the date clashes with work or other committments tell your recruiter ASP who can change it no problems. The one I dealt with as a recruiter was Lichfield who have blokes go down Monday to Wednesday (Thursday is the second day) and the girls went down on the Thursday/Friday.
  12. Gothpanda, is that you?