How long after can you appeal?


Hey well basically I've gone through all my interviews, tests and stuff and was just waiting to get my letter to go to ADSC - Only to get a letter saying I can't go because I have eczema (I'm going to appeal as I haven't needed cream for eczema for around 5 years) also for OCD (also going to appeal as I was only around 11 when I had OCD). Anyways if I successfully appeal I was wondering would I have to go through all the other processes again - say for example if I didn't appeal until a month later would all my files of being removed and I would have to go through the whole process again? Such as the interviews etc... Or would it all still be there and I'd carry on from where I left off?

Thanks in advance


I'm not in recruiting so I dont know how succesful your appeal will be or how long you have to wait before you try, but all personal information will be held under the data protection act, and I think (not 100% tho) that it needs to be kept for 2 years. Just like any information that a bank or hosptal or anywhere that has personal info about you.



No you will just have your deferment lifted, and then a date would be set for ADSC.
Thats if your successful.

Good luck mate

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