how lonely are you?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. I'm so lonely I've had to join interent dating sites !!!

    Oh god, there is no hope!!!

    He he he x
  3. Only enough to need a blow-up doll that does housework :p
  4. Heck, just a idle blow-up doll will suffice!! :lol:
  5. Hey some of those girls actually have potential!

    Fantastic! What time is the next plane.............
  6. I'm lonely. So lonely... Hold me.
  7. Are you making that request of spindler? 8O
  8. In fact it just gets better.

    Sounds a bit like a bird who used to hang out in the falklands.

    What a great dating site. The ideal place for a drunken spindler to waste away the hours before he falls into his pit. Truly Heaven on Earth.
  9. 8O

    You know, DB, I got a mental picture and you know what? I think you've actually ruined sex for me.

  10. 8O Bejeebuz, that's a bit of a "different" site. I feel strangely attracted. :lol:
  11. A blow up doll to do housework!??!

    Do you think there is a male equivalent for us females?? The 'He Doll' would come with his own self washing and ironing clothes and would ever fart and roll over to go to sleep!

    Mmmmm could be a market opportunity here, should get Pimp Beebs on the case!! haha
  12. Not that bloody lonely , that's for sure.

    "Mountain of credit card debt" Yep , you forgot to mention punishing your ex's cards into the bargain too.
  13. Presumably next to a rather large pot of boiling water waiting for swimming lessons!!!
  14. I'm alone, but I'm not lonely...

    What the hell am I doing in the lonely hearts forum?