How little could you live for per day?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. At the supermarket today I started wondering, (having just seen some homeless people) how much or little you would need to survive each day.

    I'm sure most of us spend a fair bit of money on food, but if we really had to how much could we get by on?

    A loaf, a pint of milk, and a bit of fruit would surely cover most of the basic nutritional needs. That's not going to cost much over a pound is it?

    Would a budget of two pounds a day let you survive? Or is that too low a figure to allow you to buy enough food for all the necessary vitamins and minerals?

    BTW I'm not posting this because I've suddenly gone bankrupt or anything, I was just curious.

  2. Bowl of rice gruel with a piece of chicken waffed over for flavour serves moi.
    john or Slim Will as he is known locally
  3. TT - your menu wouldn't give you any protein and meat usually costs more. There must be a decent study somewhere...
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  4. about 10 years ago challanged a mate to see how long we could survive on a £5 each. winner got the others wages for the week. :D

    Kwik save beans 8p a can.
    Kwik save bread 13p a loaf. (IIRC)

    basically lived on Kwik save beans on toast and water for about 10 days :hungry: ....then got fed up with it :toilet: .

    Found out his MUM was making him tea and a packed lunch. he was 25 at the time!!!!!!! Quit his job on a ship soonafter 'cause he missed her.

    I reckon you could live on £2.00 a day if you HAD to for "financial" reasons.

    (you've lost that swiss bank pass book again.... :wink: )
  5. Hospitals only budget something like £2.50 a day per patient , perhaps thats why so many get sick in there
  6. I recon you could live okay on about a pound a day - Tesco value beans, bread only cost about 30p so thats 2 meals sorted and you can buy some other variation into your diet with the rest.

    It would mean that you would have toast in the morning, toast for a snack, beans on toast for lunch and then your variation for dinner.

    When I was in college circa 1995 they had bean wars on when all the big food companies went down to 1p a tin. Tescos value bread was 7p a loaf and tinned spaghetti 11 p so back then you could have lived on 8p and being a student I saved my money.. (Thats bollocks btw) But I think I was living on about £5 a week.
  7. Baked beans and milk both contain plenty of protein. For most folk, the poroblem isn't enough protein, it's enough of the vitamins that enable your body to process food into fuel/tissue/othergoodstuff. You'd need to up your intake of citrus fruit or similar, to get them in the quantities you'd need. And to stave off scurvey.

    Cheap bread isn't a particulary good source of cabs, either. Having said that, you can get a good chunk of fresh-baked bread for 30-40p these days; staff of life, and all that. Alternatively, live off large mountains of potatoes.

    You could also supplement your food supply by foraging. If you live in a rural area the countryside has lots of free food, you just need to drag out all your survival training. If you're in an urban area, the principles are the same e.g. discarded pizza boxes are an inexpensive source of cheese. (copyright, Matt Groening).
  8. If your able to buy in bulk, then you could probaly do ok. Depends how active you are and where you source your goods, such as going direct to farms for eggs, veg etc would probably help. I think £3 a day would see you off quite well! Thats £21 a week, though how you would get around the lack of alcohol is a bit of a problem!
  9. i think that's more than the DMR?
  10. What if you grew your own veggies? That would save you a bloody fortune. You could always be a cheapskint and go to the supermarket after 9pm at night and get cheap bread etc.
  11. You lot are forgetting about Bog Paper, beans on toast for ten days, you'd have ahoop like the jap flag

    Is any Arrser willing to carry out the challenge of living on £3 a day for a week, keeping a blog of the experience?

    Could be fun..?
  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    When I'm not contracting (supply chain pharma) and am sitting in my little cocoon job hunting I usually budget £30 a week...say £4 a day and manage quite easily.

    Could go lower but you'd be eating crap and wouldn't be able to last long.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I shall consult with "Management" and find out how much she spends ...
  15. Are we back to the debate on PAYD, and how much the MOD pays to feed its wardogs?