How likely am I to pass my medical appeal?

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I completed the online medical form (which I had to wait 4 months to receive) and I failed because of a recent fracture, I received an email saying I was temporarily medically unfit until 2014! So I sent off an appeal to the medical team, which said they'd get back to me last week but they haven't done so I called up Tuesday (bad choice doing it from my mobile, charged me 4 quid) and they said they'd received it and would get back to me later this week, which isn't too likely as tomorrow is Friday.

The forms I sent described the nature of my injury, which is a broken toe from playing rugby, along with me saying it's completely healed, I can play football/rugby and lift weights and complete the 1.5 mile run in under the set time along with a printout my GP gave me with the details of what happened.

Is there any chance of being cleared or will I just have to get a full time job until 2014?
Dont see why not give them another ring tommorow
in fact just to make it easier here is the bit you need

3.12.13. Previous fracture (without internal fixation). One year3 must normally
have elapsed since the fracture although candidates with simple (non-fixated)
metacarpal and digital fractures and fracture of the clavicular shaft (not
involving the A-C or S-C joints) may be considered fit if functionally normal
with no deformity after 6 months (prior confirmation with the single -Service
Occupational Physicians responsible for the selection of recruits is
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