How it works -JPA and tax

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by devexwarrior, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Back in the summer I got a nice letter From HMRC telling me I was paying too much tax. A cheque and a new tax code were enclosed.

    I phone HMRC and asked what I needed to do re my employer and new tax code .

    "Don't worry-we'll tell them automatically"

    No change to tax code on JPA payslip.

    "We haven't had notification" says JPA

    OK-I phone HMRC-"We'll tell tham again and send you a drop copy" which they did.

    No change to JPA tax code "Sorry we've not had notification-why don't you fax us your copy and please send it twice as the fax machine is a bit dodgy"-which I did.

    No change of tax code on JPA Payslip

    I put in a request to fid out why they hadn't acted on intormation which HMRC had sent twice and which I had sent twice. The response was.........................

    "We haven't any record of having the information sent to us-please fax it again after Chrismas"

    Sure this is just another JPA balls up - and they have only just started paying me correctly after 10 months (but still owe me a wad of back pay), but given that it is a legal requirement to pay tax surely they should be able to change a tax code after being given the information 4 times, or am I being hopelessly naive?
  2. Pay the buggers a visit after Christmas and brand your tax code on their foreheads.

    I am presuming, of course, that you have passed this through your unit clerks.
  3. Thay told me (and they are a cracking bunch so i have no reason to doubt them) that tax (or at least this type of change) is dealt with directly between employers and HMRC and is not dealt with at unit level.
  4. I bet that the guts of JPA are being run from the EDS offices in the US via outsourced offices in India. I am serious.