How is the Basic Skills (Numeracy/Literacy) Marked...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by machie, May 3, 2012.

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  1. I was just down the AFCO and did the Basic skills assessment. Just wondering what is:

    LEVEL 1 -
    LEVEL 2 -
    LEVEL 3 -

    What is the highest grade and what is the lowest? Or what are they equivalent to.

    Thanks PS I have searched for this
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  2. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    Level 1 low - level 3 not quite as low.
  3. spaz

    spaz On ROPs

    It ties in with the National Qualifications Framework (Google it).
  4. I'm sure the recruiter told me I needed a level 1 or 2 :/
  5. How are the Basic Skills (Numeracy/Literacy) Marked...
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  6. big-tick.jpg

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  7. *How are the Basic Skills (Numeracy/Literacy) Marked?

    Oops haha. I had a Level 2 in literacy anyways and an A in GCSE English, that was just a mistake... honest =)
  8. But I was a little confused as he said I needed a Level 1 or Level 2 and if Level 2 is the highest, how is Level 3 worse?
  9. L1 - GCSE D-G equivalent
    L2 - GCSE A-C equivalent
    L3 - A level equivalent

    Be careful of the word 'equivalent', as the levels refer to difficulty and not to size of qualification!

  10. Thanks, just the reply I was looking for.
  11. I'll ask on Tuesday for you when I do my Basic Skills Numeracy.

    No, I haven't stopped laughing yet.

    I wish I knew who the Chief Clerk in charge of all that shit was when it was invented.
  12. I thought the grading levels for the numeracy and literacy tests were:

    Level 2 (Highest)
    Level 1
    Entry Level 3
    Entry Level 2
    Entry Level 1
  13. You are correct Thunder. Level 2 is the highest grade available in the literacy and numeracy grading systems.
  14. Thunders got the right system
  15. thanks!
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