How is the Army different to Civvy Street?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by catherine_r, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. So...How is the Army different to Civvy Street?
  2. The purpose of the Army is to destroy the enemies of the Crown
  3. And the Red Lion, Kings Arms, Dog and Duck and all the other false pubs

    Coat, Door, Gone
  4. and due to the joy of alcohol, to give sexual experiences to munters local to barracks who would normally not get any.
  5. Please fucking strangle yourself.
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Rarely has a sentiment been so apt and so beautifully distilled.

    Gentlemen, it is an honorary Glorious 12th, the brid is up, in your own time carry on.
  7. More guns and everyone dresses the same.

    Rather like public school.
  8. The only reason I ask this question is because when I passed my Interview before selection, my WO2, who happened to be in the Paras asked me that exact question. I would love you to say that to him! now do more than strangle yourself, buy some nytol and paracetamol a bottle of whisky and down the lot :twisted:
  9. Stop using emoticons, you daft bint. You're not twelve any more- or are you?
  10. on second thoughts, just buy a bottle of water, as your delicate stomach couldn't take the whisky so the whole point of you killing yourself would be pointless....
  11. You get paid for wearing all them there green clothes. :roll:
  12. Watching this thread is like being bukkake'd with stupid.
  13. You'll do well in the Army you.

    How about you take yourself, run a warm bath, with plenty of bubbles and down a bottle of vodka as it runs.

    Climb in with a nice kitchen knife with serrated edges (it does more tissue damage making repair more difficult) and slice into your arms - and this is most important, from elbow to wrist NOT across the wrist.

    Make sure you dig nice and deep, and no scratches from "trying it out to see how much it hurts". Your newly thinned by the alcohol blood will run nice and quickly and the warm water will prevent coagulation.

    This will be the greatest service you could do to the country. By removing yourself from it.

    Don't forget to post pics you chopsy little cunt.
  14. Oh, and remember to post about it on myspace or bebo or whatever passes for surrogate friends, you pointless tart. May as well give us all a laugh.

    you mean that way yeah?

    but obviously with warm water and vodka....