How is morale in the Corps where you are?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Its hot, sandy, and people keep trying to kill me. What the f*ck do you think?

  2. Theres nobody in the Section to take your call, everybody is deployed and Im doing the jobs of 9 oth

  3. Its brilliant - Ive signed off :)

  4. My kids have forgotten what I look like and Im miserable.

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  5. Ill tell you after the latest lottery, sorry promotion board.

  6. Could be worse. The wife has left, the dog hates me and Arrse is all that keeps me going.

  7. Im in Ireland, peace has broken out and we are all out of a job. Apparently.

  8. See below. This is far too complex a question and your answers are stupid.

  1. Just curious really... :)
  2. I feel slightly cheated in a way, although the last few years have certainly been good fun.
    When I was a Lance-Jack, I couldn't wait to be a Warrant Officer; I'd see all these well-padded old and bold SSgts and WOs in cushy 8-5 jobs, Naafi breaks, sports afternoons, spending long lunches in the Mess and their entire career in either Germany, Cyprus or Hong Kong. They all had incredibly gucci top of the range tax-free motors, married dirty looking sexually adventurous German/Dutch/Belizean girls and found a nice little job for their last 2 years commanding an isolated detachment somewhere where they got left alone and only had to work a 3 day week. Anyone with more than 2 medals was considered to be a war hero.
    Now that I hold a Warrant myself, the tempo has all changed; everyone is running around like a maniac trying to fit all the work in, lunchtime boozing is largely frowned upon, all the cushy jobs have gone to be replaced by "challenging" jobs (i.e. 12 hour days and most weekends too), operational tours are extremely frequent and your mates call you a war dodger because you only have 6 medals, tax-free concessions have been tightened up, the numbers in Germany have been slashed, LOA has dropped, Hong Kong has gone, Belize has gone, Ireland is boring and you consider yourself lucky these days if you get Bosnia. There is more inane documentation to fill in as a result of our litigation society, more courses to attend, less tolerance of characters and the fitness tests are harder.
    Who was it who said "May you live in interesting times"?
    Mind you, I suggest that all the above means that the youngsters coming in today are far better trained than my generation was at their age.......
  3. But apart from all that, you're happy? ;)
  4. Yes.
    Except that there's this nagging pain in all the diodes of my left arm.

  5. At this unit, like most units, morale varies from soldier to soldier. I like to pigeonhole individuals and gauge their morale dependent on their demeanour.

    Firstly we have the Thrusters – A Thruster treats every day as a challenge, never satisfied with second best, they strive to better themselves in all aspects of both their personal and professional life. A Thruster will grasp every opportunity, seldom found resting on their laurels; typically, the Thruster attacks every objective with the same gusto. When the prospect of a new challenge arises, the Thruster will be the first to volunteer, even if it's three weeks of R&R cover as NCO I/C Map Store, at the isolated detachment on Tubungabunga. Morale - High.

    Second is the Cruiser – The Cruisers are happy to do their job to the best of their ability, occasionally pushing themselves that little bit further, but they are usually content with their lot in life. On the whole, a Cruiser is a pleasure to work with, never controversial and generally good-natured. Morale - Good.

    Third is the Plodder – The Plodder will do the minimum work necessary, in order to get through the day. A Plodder is rarely seen to exert too much effort, but content to drift along and get by without drawing too much attention to themselves. Morale - neutral.

    Fourth is the Throbber – A Throbber longs to be elsewhere; they typically sit there gazing at the wall (there are no windows on the darkside), dreaming of thigh holsters and MP5's. Not all Throbbers are bad, some just fear being entombed in the darkside. The real Throbber is fresh from the factory, stinking of fresh combats and attitude. They are typically too immature and naïve to see beyond their first posting, and are drawn to the bright headlights of Civ-spec 4x4's. Morale - low.

    Finally comes the W4nker – These are not Int Corps specific; there are thousands of them in the British Army. For the most part, the W4nkers lack a certain aspect of their life that they feel society couldn't give them, and they were under the misapprehension that the British Army could fill the void. The majority of W4nkers are easily identified; they can be seen mincing around barracks stealing oxygen. Morale - who cares?

    We have an even spread of the above, with the overall level of morale settling at Good. There does appear to be a roughly equal ratio of Thrusters to counterbalance the Throbbers.
  6. Fraser you have brilliantly summed up the personal in every posting I ever had in the Corps, and furthermore reminded me that I probably fitted each of those descriptions at some time. All except the 7 Coy posting as the only Int person in the Brigade. During this tour I like to think that the SO3 G2, who being R Sigs himself, started off seeming to be a W4nker - ended up a Cruiser and fine fella to boot, would be left guessing each day as to which of the characters you describe I would turn up as. This would be influenced of course by the amount of Herforder I had consumed the previous evening!

    I also recall too many thrusters/throbbers etc posted in to one place at a time could quite easily upset a happy unit!
  7. Sorry - folks, intruder alert!! - but it is (potentially) a good thread I enjoyed this one:

    You were going great guns until you got to that bit. I'll be off to the kitchen for something to wipe the sprayed coffee off my monitor then :lol:
  8. yes, whatever happened to the old APFA? longer warmup for BFT, all those dips, inclined bench situps, chinups and the - gasp! - sergeant jump! standing vertical jump to be at least 14". who thought THAT one up?!??! :)
  9. yes, whatever happened to the old APFA? longer warmup for BFT, all those dips, inclined bench situps, chinups and the - gasp! - sergeant jump! standing vertical jump to be at least 14". who thought THAT one up?!??! :)
  10. At the moment my morale is high, i love my job and can't wait to get on deployment as soon as possible. However i have no life outside the beloved corps and have nothing to look forward to at the end of the working day :(
  11. My morale fluctuates. It is high at the moment strangely it coincides with a change in location.

    Back to the big sand pit. Oh, and the prospect of saving up a load of cash to blow when I get back to Blighty is another bonus too.
  12. Well at least there is plenty of f*nny out there. as long as you like quiet chicks in black ;)
  13. Finding myself with a chuff chart looking forward to deploying on my next Op tour. Not because I love op tours, just that it'll be better than being here, working for this w4nker. Why is retention bad? Because the corps keeps promoting w4nkers, the good ones leave, more w4nkers are in charge, more good ones get fed up and leave.
  14. Well, I'm taking a load of incoming p*ss taking at the moment (for the obvious news story). But I've got thick skin, I can take it.

  15. Mines o.k....but I bet D Int is a bit pissed off right now.