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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Krauti, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. hi guys, i need some help. How is it possible that someone commited fraud on a signature, cashed in the money and not going to court martial for that? - I obviously cannot post any names here, but maybe someone can help me on my case.
  2. Pretty hard to answer without knowing all the details, which we dont and dont want to either. Speak to your C-o-C for inspiration and answers.

    Or if it's you trying to get off it, plead insanity.

    That nugget of wisdom brought to you by the letters F and B. Donations accepted to the ARRSE coffers if it works.
  3. He/she may have accepted the OC/COs award rather than CM.
  4. i am not a serving soldier and was hoping to get some advice - but ok. can anyone tell me then how to contact the CO of ATR Lichfield? I looked on ATR webpages, but no contact details there. thanks
  5. I can only assume that if the money was taken from a Civilian Bank, then it is a matter for the Police to investigate...a civilian Crime does not warrant a Military Courts Martial.

    However, many civilian crimes are "handed-over" to the Military to be dealt with in house. First, contact the Police, if you have not already done so. If it has been "handed over" ask them for the Case No and who is dealing with it.
  6. great, thanks for this advice. It's gonna be hard doing this from Germany, but I will now try to contact civi police in Lichfield. Many thanks.
  7. Lichfield Police Station
    Frog Lane
    WS13 6HS
    Tel: 08453 30 20 10
    Fax: 01785 234563
  8. great, many thanks
  9. Krauti, if it is prudent, can you let us know if all went well :D We do like to fight for the "under-dog" despite the granite face some like to put on. All the Best
  10. Pop down to your local careers office and you will get better advice there.

    And yes, it is a good idea to start getting fitter to get a good time on your PFT at selection.
  11. @ freeway - will do, although I have not much hope since I reported this case about 6month ago to the Lichfield police - there I was told they would not deal with this, i wuuld need to contact RMP. I have done so and even when SIB was involved and it was proven that it was a sign. fraud I have had confirmation that this was it.Nothing will be done about it. He even kept his rank. - so now its back to square one. But one day I will hopefully bring him to justice - I just cannot get over the fact that a leading member who is supposed to train young people whats right and what wrong, knowing full well he committed a crime, gets away with this kind of thing. The only way to get him is going through civy court now i believe. By the time this goes through he got another posting and I willl again can start traicing him. It took me nearly 3 years to find him in the first place. - and only because he's done the same thing before - Unbelievable this system -
  12. Maybe if you post this om the forum that this 'person' belongs to you may get some luck in tracing him.
  13. Krauti. Yes you could go down the route of a Small Claims under £3500 or thereabouts. It sounds like to me, this person, has been protected by the System. And even if you are willing to wait another 3 years the Statute on this will run out, or like you say he keeps running from posting to posting.

    A very similar thing happened where I live, the aggrieved lady posted in Every postbox all his details, contact Nos etc. In the end he had to leave the village.
  14. I got turned over by a training nco when I was in training.

    Waited 11 years and finally bumped into him again.

    Money back and Troop Bar was very happy. :wink:
  15. I hope you claimed the interest from his face :D