How Intriguing.


Mark The Convict

Buried underneath another body probably, used to be quite a common method of disposal for the US Mafia, supposedly. Hopefully she was already dead and shit.
I once made regular business calls to a man whose premises (adjoining his house) were accessed through a large anteroom which held two enormous chest freezers.

Some two years earlier his wife had "left him" (purportedly for another man), never to be seen again.

I still wonder about the hasp and staple and the strong brass padlock . . . . . . .

(I don't have room for such a large freezer!)
I seem to remember some gen about the boyos planting stiffs two to a grave in Dundalk or somewhere after we'd taken more of them out than they'd publicly admit to. Taking the wounded across the border & they croaked sort of thing. Maybe bollocks though.
Things kinda slow in Charlietown? :)
Just working off the glut of avacados. Went to the farms over the weekend (mums, sis, bro). Bro: do you like avacados? Me: Yeah.

Packed the car to come back and loaded a hod load of coffee, a tea thicket, 1cwt of avacados, a sack of ginger root, a sack of turmeric root, a hand of bananas the size of a bloody aircraft carriers anchor, a sack of lemon grass...

Oh and a corpse from England, kerist knows how that got in the car. I suppose someone will find it missing ....

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