How insurgency is creating...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 2, 2005.

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    Without such high ranking relative we probably would not be aware about this incident. I suppose that this story is not something special.

    It is an interesting detail. Why Egyptian interpreter was used? We are constantly being told about 'huge' ''Iraqi forces'. Where are they? 2 years is long enough period to prepare Iraqi military interpreters. Why there was no one wearing Iraqi military uniform in this incident?

    However it was very short lesson.

    Now suppose that the UK is occupied by Chinese troops (to establish 'true peoples democracy'). What would be your reaction in similar case?
  2. That's not a fair analogy, Sergei and you know it - frankly, however, if the UK was occupied by US forces to remove Blair's régime, I'd be chuffed to feck.
  3. Sounds odd. I find it hard to believe.
  4. This isn't good news - either the Iraqi UN ambassador is lying through his teeth or some US troops haven't quite got "hearts and minds" yet. I'm not sure which option is worse:
    1. The Iraqi Govt representative, approved by said organisation, is deliberately engaging in info ops against the US;
    2. Some US soldiers get to murder whoever they like and would have got away with it if the victim hadn't had a connected relative.
  5. I think that our American friends will try to avoid both options. More likely that after 'very complex' investigation the death would be described as 'tragic accident'. Mohammed attempted to speak English and his English was probably as poor as my one. So could he be understood in the wrong way by the soldiers? Why not?