How independent is the IPCC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by xmal, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. It’s some coincidence that the IPCC released a report claiming that police drivers were sometimes at fault for crashes immediately after a car, which had been pursued by officers, smashed into another on the M4. Too much of a coincidence for me.

    Perhaps the IPCC has sat on the report until such a time as we had a major crash, thereby maximising the impact of the report and therefore anti-police feeling.

    The BBC (in league with the IPCC) was at great pains to explain that the number of deaths involving police chases has risen slightly over recent years (44 for last year, I think). Yet at no time did the BBC point out that these officers were in no way responsible for any of the deaths. Rather, we were left to assume that each death was wholly the fault of the plod.

    The IPCC’s website claims: ”The IPCC's job is to make sure that complaints against the police are dealt with effectively.” Surely it would be me reassuring if the IPCC declared that complaints were dealt with fairly.
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    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A fair point. I seems to be spinning the result in a certain anti police way rather than simply stating the facts. I don't know how the IPCC works, any plod on here able to throw some light on this?
  3. The IPCC web site has the Commissioners with interests in:

    Greenpeace, The Ramblers Association, Welsh Lottery, Asylum barrister,
    Prison Visitor, Royal Society of Arts, Sports Management, Heritage and Preserved Railways, Human Rights barrister, Asylum Tribunal judge, and Health Service management.

    Just the sort of chaps to deal with rampant gang warfare, sex and other slavery, mega drugs problems, big time theft, and feral kids running riot. After all for all I know The Ramblers Association has them all.
  4. Here is the report of the . . . er . . . report

  5. With regards to the incident on the M4, firstly my thoughts go to the family of the innocent couple killed in the head on smash.

    Secondly, when the car being chased turned onto the M4 in the wrong direction, the Police discontinued the pursuit so in this instance, I personally do not see any reason why the actions of the Police are being investigated.

    All the driver of the pursued vehicle had to do was to turn at the bottom of the slip road or pull onto the hard shoulder but instead it was THEIR decision to charge the wrong way up the motorway and pile head first into an on coming vehicle.

    If the driver of the vehicle has survived (as I believe one of them has) then they should face charges of Death By Dangerous driving.
  6. My bold . Totally agree , I think it is about time the do gooders get off of the police's back and support them for what they do . It is just unfortunate that some innocent people died in that crash . But to blame the police is not right ,The blame lies with the SCUM who went down the wrong way of the motorway.
  7. It really is a revelation to see what these people are members of.

    Take a look
  8. Look like a bunch of leftwing Dogooders to me . One of them is a member of the Vauxhall Society , Does that mean he drives an old Viva ?