How importnant are pull-ups?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Spursluv, Oct 29, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know if it is really important for females to be able to do many pull-ups for the physical test at the Recruit Selection Centre, because no matter how hard I try I just can't do the bloody things? :cry:
  2. In answer to the question: no idea...

    When do you have to do this stuff, btw?

    I could suggest ways of getting closer to being able to do them, if you've got more than a day or so.
  3. I've got just under a week, I have to do it next Thursday, can't see me being able to do it :(
  4. Right, well, other exercises that will help are:

    1) Press ups (someone should know what flavour press-ups are most useful for this if not the standard variety).

    2) Tricep dips - for best essfect, put your arms right behind your back, rather than out to the sides.

    3) Heaves / baby pull-ups - ie find a bar somewhere between knee and waist height, sit under it, then pull yourself up, with your palms either facing towards you (underarm heaves) or away from you (overarm), feet out in front, knees bent if you need to.

    4) Practice pull-up (depending on how far you are from actually managing them now): find a bar a bit above shoulder height, and hold onto it, then jump yourself into top-of-pull-up-position (not all that difficult). Then see how far down you can go and get yourself up again - eg, eye level with bar and up again. When you can feel a burn, lower yourself right down slowly.

    Do circits comprising above, if you can find someone to shout at you, so much the better.

    You can either do a set number of each, or, better, time them.

    So, 15 seconds of each, followed by 30 seconds, followed by 45 seconds, followed by 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds.

    Or start at the 45 seconds stage if that's going to kill you.

    Oh, and go running with BMF at some point if you can.
  5. I tell you what, if I pass on Thursday, I've got a lot to thank you for, u really have been a good help, so if I stick to that pull-up regime, u reckon it's poss to be able to do them in 5 days?
  6. I'm no expert... But what have you got to lose?

    Keep us updated, and do find yourself a training partner, or at least someone to operate a stop-watch and shout abose / encouragement.

    Sure there must be people who know more about this than I do somewhere about?!

    Chevre? Anyone?
  7. Yeah I have been draggin my Mum down the gym and doing Lat pull Downs, but don't seem to be helping, I am beginning to think my body is too heavy, I'm not fat, but I'm not exaclty a feather either :(

    Anyway I will try my hardest and I will let u know if I pass.

    Cheers again :)
  8. when I attended RSC a few months ago, in august, the average for the guys was around 10 pull ups I think, there was one guy going for the RAVC that couldn't do 2 tho, the puff.
  9. Thanks for that Rocko, nice one

    Try your hardest Spursluv and you can't go far. They look for people who try more than those who do it easily.

    Good luck :D :D
  10. Sorry, I meant to say far wrong, but still

    Good luck :D
  11. I'm pleased to see that this site is getting more and more like militaryforums. If you have any queries then PHONE the AFCIO. They will have all the updated info on entrance tests etc.
  12. Thankyou so much, I am getting very nervous now, tomorrow is the big day ;(
  13. 1st things 1st - not having a go at anyone, just a gripe.

    I joined in 1990, we didn´t have an internet we could ask, only those who were in or the recruiters.

    We just went and got fit, went to sutton coldfield and did our bit. No need to get worried - just do it.

    Hope NIKE doesn´t sue me for trillions cos I used their... whatever! :roll:
  14. I'm with the gripe too, why have you left it so late? Why couldn't you get your act together and ask the recruiter? If you're starting a new career, I wouldn't think you'd want to leave anything to chance.

    With a week, you've got no reason to ask. No substantial muscle will develop in that time.
  15. I didn't leave it til the last minute, I have ben going to the gyn more or less everyday for 3 months to get myself fit, was told in my induction to do lat-pull downs as it exercises the same muscles, found out a couple of days before my test that that was not case at all.

    And the reason I am asking for help on the internet is because I can?