How important is the BARB test?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BoopBeBoop, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. I'm not quite sure how important the BARB test is in the army or how it even works, haven't had a chance to speak to my local regiments yet.

    Is it literally you turn up to Phase 1 and they give you test and just list some jobs you are allowed to apply for, or is it after you have chosen which section of the army to go into or what?

  2. Ok I'm guessing you really haven't done your research on the army atall but yeh the barb test is rather important it's the first thing you do after you have an opening interview with a careers officer and how well you do determines what jobs your eligible for then after that you have the basic skills tests. They are exactly that just tests on basic marks and English this also contributes to what jobs get offered to you trust me your along way off phase 1 training
  3. I know I'm a long way off, a few years off.
    Thanks for the info though.
  4. BARB test isn't going to be around much longer. Is going to be replaced with the gender-free CFRG test later in the year.
  5. Well I definitely wont be doing the BARB test, have they release any information on the CRFG test yet?
  6. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Its like any other test you will face in the Army, you need to pass it.

    All tests need a pass, its not school anymore. If you join up you need to step up.
  7. It's similar to an iq test. It's a psychometric test that covers a range of areas so the army can get an idea what you can cope with, or how 'trainable' you. You don't do it in phase 1, it is one of the first things you do so your recruiter can present your options and help you choose a career
  8. What's the CFRG test consist of??
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'll give you a clue, passing the test. There is no easy way in.
  10. Yeah I know you need to pass it, that wasn't the question.

    But I've taken a psychometric test before actually, I came of in really good light so if it's psychometric i'll be happy.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There isn't really any other way, you need to pass.

    I've passed a psychometric test too, I'm also happy.

    You still need to pass the Army tests, more so these days, the places are highly prized.
  12. OK OS its Friday night, the end of a long week and Ive had a drink and followed the link to the BARB test. Please dont tell me its really as easy as that, I achieved 100% even in my anibriated state.
  13. The questions are that easy, but it's also the reaction time they look at. There's also quite a few questions, so you have to keep up the pace. It's not an entry exam, it just gives the recruiters a profile to work from.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Its ok mate, thats the basics, that only gets you through the door, theres a lot more to go, inibriated or otherwise. Thanks for the lesson though, I need to learn some more because I've never done it myself.