How important are university marks/grades for Sandhurst?

I've been planning on applying as a regular officer for a while now, but unfortunately my university marks aren't the greatest.
I accept full responsibility for this. It is a combination of too much partying and not enough studying...
So my question is: During AOSB Briefing and Main Board, to what degree does one's degree factor into the equation? I have a sizable list of extra-curriculars I've built up over the years at uni, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that my marks are gonna let me down during interviews, etc.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
Go on, what did you get?

I will give you some advice based on having been a SNCO who then went on to study for the full-house from HND to PhD, and had some teaching responsibilities.

Nowadays with anything less than a 2:1 you are going to need to work to convince people of your desire to work hard - my wife is a CHRO in banking and she would not even give an interview to anyone less than 2:1. It costs money to go to uni and if you have indeed pissed away that investment in your future why should anyone invest in you?

I knew a couple of lads who were in a 2:2 position and redeemed themselves. They worked part-time and did one year MSc.’s throwing themselves into them fully picking up good marks that they could present at their boards. Both got in and attended their Masters graduations in uniform.
You don’t need a degree to be an officer. It shouldn’t come up. Know why you did how you did, be comfortable with the situation (known it) and demonstrate your other qualities.

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AOSB is looking for potential. It's your opportunity to show what you're capable of. You don't need a degree to go to Westbury for officer selection.

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