How I would restructure the British Army

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by irlsgt, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. I see a lot of waste in the British Army, yet the troops on the ground have to do without equipment, and boots on the ground are short. This is how I'd solve it.

    Review the number of major HQs (too many chiefs):
    HQ Land Command
    HQ NI
    HQ Cyprus
    HQ AG

    Absorb the UOTCs into the TA (its deployable)

    Get rid of Army Foundation College (it duplicates the role of the schools)

    Get rid of area & District HQs. Make them up into a balanced deployable force. Eg London has 3 infantry battalion, make it a brigade HQ that could potentially be deployed.

    Outsource garrison roles & admin, while keeping deployable roles within the military

    Get rid of regiment HQs, keep the traditions & names within the units, spilt their role between MOD, ATRA, Formation (Bde & Div) HQ and the battalion itself.

    Have a REME Coy in each brigade with detachments in the units, ease of admin (this may already be the case).

    Get rid of as many HQs as possible, eg RMP Coy, reports to MP Bn & its Infantry Brigade HQ, therefore get rid of RMP Bn HQ and have it directly reporting to Brigadeer, with a centralise RMP HQ.

    Simply make the Mil Provost Staff a unit subordinate to HQ RMP. Get rid of the Army Legal Service and just make appointments for Legal Officers in formatation HQs and the Army Prosecuting Authority.

    Make the APTC simply a school. PTIs are therefore part of the Inf unit and can do other jobs, they simply have done a PTI course and hold that appointment.

    Merge the RAMC, RADC and QARANC into a single medical corps.

    Assume the bands into the units they belong to (eg Grenadier Guards into the first battalion) where they can undertake other roles. Eg Defence Section for HQ, stretcher bearers etc.

    With the Small Arms School Corps, again make it simply a school, who train personnel to fill an appointment in a Infantry (eg) unit (eg Bn Small Arms Instr).

    With an improvement career management & training service, it would be no problem to have eg an Legal Officer career advisor/manager etc.

    Get rid of the AGC Staff & Personnel Support section - this role can be done within the unit (deployed or not) - simply train infantry man as clerks etc.

    The result
    - more soldiers/specialists, as opposed to specialists only
    - money saved to be put into equipment etc
    - not job cuts!!! - redeployment eg Cpl Johnny from AGC Staff & Personnel would become Cpl Johnny, "A" Admin Pln, 1 Irish Guards

    Your thoughts?
  2. Common sense - highly unlikely to catch on!
  3. -"Sar'nt major there's been an outbreak of initiative amongst the men"

    -"I'll have it crushed imediately sir"
  4. Tried and tested. Richmond Platoon, 1989.

    The lads were shite. We took over their jobs, and did it better.

    I am sat with 3 other arrsers (I may or may not have had a BBQ in my house) and some of the things you say make sense. The rest of it is shite.

    Sluggy x
  5. more commando groups, all carrier born...

    scrap the RAF

    invest invest invest

    (make the TA more aligned with the Regular forces)
  6. so basically you mean turn it back to the HMF pre 1st option for change in ROE's but keep improving the kit?

    as that was my era i would say yes
  7. I believe Tony Bliar is already doing this, by reducing the army to 1 regiment, with a sig squadron, a bit-n-bos squadron and an infantry squadron, if he starves the army of any more money !!
  8. Summed up very nicely, it would be nice to see the knocking shop........... I mean Depot WRAC re open :)
  9. You just need 3 things to win a war: Money, Money, Money
  10. Take for example an armoured infantry battalion: it will report to say 1 Mech Bde HQ, its regimental HQ, the Division of Infantry, etc

    The situation is even more complex for say a REME or AGC detachment.
  11. The navy too barely a coast guard and the airforce too easyjet also :x
  12. Time the Army took the Navy under command - they don't seem to be doing a particularly good job of it on their own.
    And as for the paramilitary wing of British Airways.....
  13. Basically I'd have it so each Corps went something like this:

    Operational Unit (reporting to Operational Formation HQ - eg 3 (UK) Div)
    Specialist Establishments (ie units / garrisons that have a vital role that can't be outsourced - eg a National Comms Regt)
    Training Establishments (eg School of Signals)
    Corps Directorate (to give specialist advise, procedures etc from strategic level)

    Recruiting etc could be handled by a small team from the Corps/Unit that are placed in the ATRA.
  14. Do you think the British Army could cope with the loss of its Regiments, they would be kept in name, but the Regimental HQ's role would go to the battalions and/or the army level HQs.
  15. I don't think the idea of regional brigades, deployed together, would go down too well. Too many casualties from one area should be avoided; we kind of learned that lesson on the 1st July, 1916. Much better to have brigades with mixed local affiliations.