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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Hairy_Hacker, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. Picture the scene:

    A young whipper-snapper, not yet 18, walks into an Army Careers Office and declares "I want to join the Army".

    Warm, cuddly Sergeant takes him under his wing and asks "What would you like to be in the Army?"

    "I want to be a soldier"
    "I know, but when you pass training what would you like to be?"
    " be...a...soldier?!" (picture confused look on the lads face)
    A light comes to the sarge who promptly says:

    "Infantry for you my lad"

    "Is that good?"

    Took me fecking years to come to terms with the fact there was more to do than digging holes and running up and down various huge hills with sodding telegraph poles on my shoulders.
  2. There is?
  3. It's mainly bloody paperwork now! :evil:
  4. I have to ask, was I the only one that stupid that I thought you just join up?

    13 years later I'm a civ with damaged knees, some pretty good drinking stories and the burning desire to jail the kids whenever they don't tidy their rooms :D

    I can honestly say the best thing I did was join up, the second best thing was leaving before the Army went OTT on the PC shite. Since leaving I've gone out of my way to avoid 'squaddie' situations (I'm sure the missus wouldn't approve of some of my shenanigans) but now and again I look back with a smile that civvies can only aspire to.

    I've not got much more to say other than some of the stories here (if true, soldiers bullsh!tting? naaaah :wink: ) have me laughing out loud. Bit embarrassing seeing as I'm in work :)
  5. Kid walks into recruiting office and says " I WANNA BE SAS
    Recruiter chuckles, gives idiot 1 stick of PE and says fcuk off and blow something up, cos thats what SAS do.

    Kid appear 10 minutes later and says "NOW WHAT"

    Recruiter says "intelligence test.. how many letters in the alphabet?

    Kid says "24"

    Recruiter,, thats wrong there are 26

    Kid says, not anymore mate I've just blown B+Q up..
  6. I did a stint in an Army Careers and saw one guy walk in, ask for Army and then proceed to bang on about how much he wanted to be a Royal Marine...
  7. I started by watching too many of the old classic war films. Thought it was all hammering the bosch. Never did see a poor git sat behind a desk with a mountain of paperwork. I still hold out a small bit of hope for another crack at Jerry.
  8. You'll never get time, what with all that jumping out of helicopters, parachuting and waterskiing like wot's on the videos. :D
  9. What videos? All mine have two teenage lezzers trying to shove their arms up each others growlers.
  10. Do you do a rental service IdleAdjt?