How Holy are your Easter Eggs?

The Christian Church has agreed to the manufacture of 'Real or Holy' Easter Eggs.What the feck?.

Easter was a Northern European Goddess who the Christian Church 'borrowed' to use to promote their idea of religion.

Various forms of the name existed well before Christianity appeared,

The name "Easter" originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God. The Venerable Bede, (672-735 CE.) a Christian scholar, first asserted in his book De Ratione Temporum that Easter was named after Eostre (a.k.a. Eastre). She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. Similarly, the "Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [was] known variously as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos." 1 Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: "eastre."
And her symbol was The March Hare not a egg.

So how Holy are your Easter Eggs?.
I've got several pairs of religious/holy socks. More cheesy than chocolately.

I'm an agnostic though which many would call a cowardly atheist. I just think if you walk on water mate, I'll believe it.
Anything for a quick buck!

Will these "eggs" cure cancer or Alzheimers? Or help us find a practical new energy source? Or perhaps provide a replacement for failing antibiotics? Or even increase the agricultural output of over-populated countries?

How stupid and easily led some people are.
Easter, a religious time?

Who knew?

All that chocolate would have needed to be kept refrigerated in the Wholly land.
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