How hildesheim became bannana??

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rassman, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Urbun myth maybe??

    On my arrival as a NIG, civvy minibus driver dropped us off at duty room as it was 8 at night, duty driver then transported us down to regt bar, the old one beside the fence.

    It was like a scene from the american prison films" meat, meat,meat" went the greeting. Wo2's and all, anyway a certain small scouse lance jack was "volunteered" to look after me till monday, but that is another story.

    Basically he told us to get ready in five as we were off into the bannana, the banana?? I asked.

    Now is this true, town was giving the nickname as the regular beer consumed down town was called vietsen beer, left little lumps in the bottom. It was quite strong and hence made you go banana's??

    The other one was because cafe brazil was the most popular place to be and you got banana's from brazil??

    Lat one was that crystal vietson tasted like banana's??

    Which one is true??
  2. Rassman, think you might find its called Wietzen beer. Its made from wheat and not hops.

    This next bit is the clincher..It didnt send anyone bananas at all. Its quite common for the germans to put a drop of banana nectar in the wietzen beer, which in turn gives it a little banana twist and hence banana beer.

    I suggest Hildebanana may have come from this but im unsure as its a common drink drank all over germany with its ancestral heritage coming from Bavaria I believe.

    Muttley out
  3. Gutersloh is called 'Gutersbanana' now too. I think its just the way we like to give a place a strange name. :wink:

    Shite hole (Middle Wallop of course)
  4. Middle trollop
  5. I always thought that gutersloh was named guterslag, due to the abundance of loggie birds that just loved the blue beret. Best thing that ever happened to them was when 1aac rolled into town.

    Did my fair share in keeping them in the blue half of the camp. 8)
  6. Its been called a few things, I know. Regarding the loggie birds after blue beret. Unless things have changed, the loggie birds were all extras from prisoner, cell block H and their preferred menu was Clam on toast finished off with a glass of fanny batter. Apart from looking like the front row of the Harlequins, they were not exactly, shall we say, feminine.
  7. Too right youd be lucky to find a fugly that likes the male type, as they are all fat loggie lesbos that drink pints and fight blokes.
  8. things certainly have changed then, it was certainly girl and boy in my time, There was the odd bend in the rules there but majority were accomodating.

    They had a thing about wearing the blue on their head, maybe it gave them a bit of extra padding against that wall.
  9. I remember a certain REME Ord Offr from 1 Regt getting a decking off one of the Loggie Female boxing team. Now that had to hurt more than the punch itself. Apparrently on Court Martial she was sentenced to opening bottles with the segs she kept in her belly button. She was also given 9 months tightening Scammel Whee Nuts with her ridged raiders.