How Highly Do You Rate The Prime Minister

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stonker, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Gordon Broon: more of the same Noo LieBar bollox

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  2. Gordon Broon: pushing his way past B'liar, en route to Dubya's colon - things have been go

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  3. Gordon Broon: the visionary and charismatic leader we have awaited for 10 years

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  1. Well, in recent weeks we have seen One-Eyed Gordon run to Washington to seek permission to pull out of Basra, Spin the reduction of UK forces in Basra to look bigger than it really is, and subsequently bottle out of an election.

    O - and there was something about a run on a bank, and some very poorly animals. And a flood.

    Time is ripe, I think, to revisit the poll questions of the early summer[hr]See:
  2. Ona scale of one to c*nt, he's a c*nt...
  3. Brown=Cnut/Camerloon=Cnut/Ming(who the fcuk is he?)=Cnut, not a lot of choose from left LOL :?
  4. Disagree there with that one FC..... a c*nt is usefull, a fact you could never associate with our Dear Leader (mk 2) unless of course your short of some fig 11's........ :roll:

    How high? .... about FL 30, strapped to a pallet on the way out the back of a 'J' :lol:
  5. The cynical way he has tried to woo Middle England with his inheritance tax movement is ample proof for me that he and his gang deserve the boot - pity he bottled out - as Dave said! Skunk of a politician.
  6. Yep, can't wait to hear you whine like f*cker after Cameron and his cronies get in.

    Do you honestly think that the Tories will be any better than what we currently have? I don't. I reckon that after the honeymoon, they'll be worse.

    I'd probably vote Tory if that c*nt wasn't in charge. Blair with a mask.
  7. The man should not be there, and should subject himself and his party to electoral affirmation instantly.

    Until he does that he is no better than any other unappointed head of state (did you like the way I avoided saying dictator there?)
  8. Nothing like an opinion, c*nt
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Frankly, I would rate him as lower than a submarine's sh!thouse.

    What a spunkbubble this useless thieving, lying jock tw@t is. Justification (in no particular order and not all of my spleen vented):

    Bottles election.
    Lies about support levels to HM Armed Forces.
    F()cks up the farmers.
    F()cks up a high street bank.
    Steals his opposition's ideas because he knows he will lose

    Jocks, apologies but I would ashamed to call him on of your own.
  10. class one fcuktard and in fact i believe more reprehensible than Bliar because of his 'the big boys made me do it / i know nothing of the last 10 years attitude' so big fcuk off one eyed cnut,

    disclaimer while i try not to swear like a the potty mouth i am in Current affairs, i believe my colorful vernacular is warranted in this particular thread
  11. Bit of a wally brain.
  12. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    re: How Highly Do You Raise The Prime Minister

    If as per usual, not at all.
    If on end of rope, very highly.
  13. Any of you see the PMQs on the news, where he & Cameron bickered over crap. However Brown made a comment which may have back fired, “there is a petition asking that I hold a general election in 2007……… Only 23 have signed it. "

    Its now the fastest growing petition with some 2700+ signature in 6 hours, no doubt Cameron will throw it back at him at the next PMQs.
  14. I'd rate him at 32Amp 415V...........

    Which should do it...........
  15. do you have a link to that, i wonder if the press pick up on that Gorgo must be wishing that homer simpson was his speach writer :p