How have you skived whilst working from home

One day I unplugged his keyboard just to see if he’d notice.

He went for over a week without logging into his PC and realising.
This made me chuckle.

I did something similar to a technician some years ago who had, up until I arrived been left to go feral in the lab at the bottom of the plant.

He was producing suites of results which looked very similar, so one evening after he had left I took the batteries out the penetrometer needle and the fuse out the plug from the roto-evaporator kit. Without these it is impossible to recover and test any binder.

I said nothing for a week, and as I was generally spread about the whole of the SE England I never saw him until he then produced a weeks worth of results. I produced the battery and fuse, he spluttered and muttered, we came to an agreement about productivity and toeing the line and it ended amicably (after a fuckton of supervised re-tests).

In the end he smartened up and became a good tech.


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from surveys and questionnaires its seems that most people have become more efficient by working from home thats why a lot of people will only be going back to the office (in london) two or three days a week after lockdown ends.
I had a bit of work to catch up on and make sure it was done for Monday morning - but felt like a POETS day was in order Friday, so sacked it off until Sunday evening when I sat down at the laptop with a glass of wine and worked through it.

Yesterday a fast ball - so worked through until about 8pm. It is quiet this afternoon so I might fire up the Playstation and keep the laptop next to me to keep an eye on things.

Swings and roundabouts - I can’t complain.
My bother in law's wife, who I detest, is one of the original 'Eleveneriffe/two-sh1ts' types. She is 'disabled' - actually just fat. She's now gone 'veggie' but won't eat anything except boiled vegetables (and wine, lots of wine). She has a job doing IT stuff for Virgin group. I am sure she is good at what she does but she was gobbing off this weekend about how much the company is saving by her and her team working from home. I was desperate to suggest how much more they will save once India is back on line and her job can be done from Mumbai, but the Sainted Mrs D spotted my thought bubble and gave me 'a look'.
I have family that work for a large insurance company, WFH they are monitered and cannot even go AFK to answer the front door,IMHO a bit checky as they have already told most of the staff that they have no office to return to as the company saw the cash that was being saved.
Sigh. The end of another "working" week from home where I've done absolutely nothing. It's a hard life.


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Forgot to switch camera off whilst having a smoke today....I work with/for clean living Norwegians....they were quite shocked...! I figure I've broken the ice on it now, so won't worry about not having a fag during a call, surely they know the sound of my Zippo by now!
Sigh. The end of another "working" week from home where I've done absolutely nothing. It's a hard life.
I've had a week off using TOIL built up due to not being able to work from home (though some on light duties have been - taking phone statement etc.). I've got 8 hours of Bank Holiday Double Bubble on Monday - another 16 hours in the bank. I don't take the money as the taxman wants a large wad, I'm ok for cash at the moment and time is priceless.
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Top tip.

Most of the time when I am on Teams meetings I keep the video off - but when I am talking I like to put it on.

It is really important not to forget which is which, nor to mouth “for f***’s sakes” and shake your head in exasperation when your boss is totally failing to grasp a simple point.

Oh and turn off the mike when letting loose the sort of fart that sounds like the ripping of a galleons main sail. Might have got away with that one though...


I have family that work for a large insurance company, WFH they are monitered and cannot even go AFK to answer the front door,IMHO a bit checky as they have already told most of the staff that they have no office to return to as the company saw the cash that was being saved.

Someone maybe stretching a bit there.....wfh is subject to the same legislation as 'normal' working. No one can stop you from going to the bog, answering the door (equivalent to a phone call or a fag break), popping the washing machine on. None of the above are against 'the law' either, but what may be is any company monitoring your wfh performance with anything other than performance data.....unless someone agrees to it contractually , being monitored by key stroke loggers, always on webcam, proximity sensors etc are walking a very fine line of legality.
Part of my role is using a supplied encrypted laptop while i'm on cent govt projects, not even that is key stroked or webcam checked.......performance data may be harvested overnight but thats about it.


Anyone else managing a team through Covid? I have 10 at present.

I've found it quite an interesting challenge. Not only in terms of managing workload and performance via different techniques, but also to reflect the more transient patterns of motivation and people's state of mind.

Usually i'm a 'here's your objectives, crack on and deliver and we'll talk regularly' sort of manager. If they get a bit wobbly in the office then you can spot it emerging and try to deal with it.

These days i'm more likely to hold stuff back and drip feed it to them. It both hides my periods of "low intensity" (skiving) but also means I can ensure they have a similar flow of work back into the company, so it's a win-win for everyone. I keep everyone on a low simmer, rather than boiling over.

That said, pretty much all of us have had a rough time of one type or another. Some of them are quite isolated from their support networks so the manifestations of stress/loneliness/insecurity etc has tended to be through work rather than being hidden at home. Having a work camera in that home has also blurred the emotional and time boundaries between the two.

I think i've spent as much time as a counsellor (gawd help them) than a manager over the last 12 months. I think i've learned a lot in that time, both good and bad. The company's policy towards wellbeing issues is pretty solid, but in two instances, the team member - one of whom was actually a peer - got so twisted up mentally that we had to push them out, because it was all manifesting through work and derailing the rest of the team, who all had their own issues to deal with. Neither was a pleasant experience, but had to be done for the greater good.

I put more focus on 1-2-1s now too. 70% of which I just focus on chatting shyte about football, family etc. Otherwise if you get too work-focused then it risks breaking making both sides lie about how busy they are. I also learn more about their underlying state of mind, which is probably the biggest contributor to their productivity these days as opposed to the discipline of working in an office.
My brother runs an IT (more in depth, but I don’t understand) team from home. Always has, not just Covid related.
Anyway, he & everyone else in the team can see who is logged in and at work at any time by looking on the screen & seeing a green light. If the light is red, they’re skiving & haven’t touched the mouse or keyboard in over x mins.
My brother wrote the software that operates this system & his light is permanently green.
Crafty sod!
Took my tablet to my milf's, so I could work sat in her garden sunbathing

But mostly I've been working evenings to get work done that when I'm so supposed to be on a half day, I've already done the work so I skive down the beach

Ok it's not real skiving, as I've done the work I'm supposed to but the thought is there

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