How has this Munter got 14 kids?

That Gopper should have been steralised as soon as she was Twelve, or if the article is to be believed her old dear should have been around Thirty Seven and a Half years ago. Nice Ink though both classy and understated.


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Square jaw, chain smoker, shovel hands, excess tattoo's - I've seen many of these scary monsters in the RLC and COMCEN. All you fcukers who are denying you would are the same ones who cry like babies the morning after when the hangover deserts you and the true horror of what you did sinks in!!

:twisted: :twisted:
Looks like her 'husband' can't afford to be too choosy, and looks like he has a touch of the Downs about him. The first tattoo on her arm that says "Theresa loves Tone y" I can understand. But why would she put "Carrie Ann + Seven" on there too? Are these people she's shagged, or is it a list to remind her of some of her kids' names?

I dunno you know...uglyness cannot be directly linked to depravity.
I used to know a bird in Plymouth who, If I phoned her at 02:30 and I had not "trapped off" would let me abuse her with kitchen utensils for the princely sum of a £5 Vodafone topup card! She was fucking good looking as well...just a bit mad though.
Love the blank, sunken, Belsen-eyes, with just a hint of classic crystalline nutter glaze about them. Eugenics, anyone? Padre, are you there? Coo-ee...


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At least it would appear that all 14 are with the same father. A rarity.

I wonder if they hadn't taken each kid away but let her keep the first couple in a supported manner whether she would have kept popping them out.

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