How hard is selection?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RoyalSignals, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys and gals,

    Just wondering how hard is selection? is it physically challenging?

    please tell cheers got mine in couple of weeks thanks
  2. What selection are you talking about?

    Stupid fcuking question selection? For you, a piece of p1ss, you've past with flying colours!

    If you're talking about selection for "THEM" you may as well fcuk off now because you haven't got a clue.

    Not a member of the media per chance?
  3. You'll find theres a illustrated guide on the inside of the box lid, my own personal fave is the Turkish delight in milk chocolate. hope this has been of some help
  4. What an unbelievably bone question.
  5. Well...........

    natural selection is obviously getting f ucking easier, and thats for sure.
  6. i personally prefer a decent record selection..them old punky tunes are still gems to my ears :lol:
  7. He can't be on about Selection for THEM.

    By the look of things, he probably means initial selection for the army.
  8. The fruit and nut dairy milk was very hard. But the bubbly dairy milk was really nice and soft. Nice selection box I got for Xmas.
  9. Oh how utterly PC of you. You're a crow aren't you. I hope you die.
  10. He's not a crow

    He's Jimmy fcuking Saville 8O
  11. Well in that case he can smoke my fcuking cigar!
  12. i will answer your question :- selection is easy as long as your fitness is ok. Unless you are a fat bast@rd you will pass ok.Now ask a decent question you tw@t and stop wasting everyones time.
  13. Badged are we baldy? Didn't think so. Not that fcuking easy eh?
  14. It's not as hard as the RLC cookery passed it yet!

    Sorry...I'm old, it's old..we go well together
  15. Think he got the message..