How hard is joining REME/Royal engineer's

My nipper has just turned 17 and has got to the stage of his life where he needs to decide what he's gonna do. He's doing A Levels at college in maths, music and music tech (he's also done an AS in physics) and has thought about a career in forces music. However after a week with an army band and a day at RM Pompey he's decided that it's not for him. He has now decided that as he's "shit-hot at maths", which he is, a career as an army engineer is the way to go. His first choice is Air Tech then Av Tech, anything that will keep challenging his brain on a daily basis. He also likes the idea of potentially becoming a lance jack out of P2 training! Any advice on either/ both would be appreciated.
Both good trades and both are really sort after so he needs a strong A grade at the assessment centre....Maths is a big part of both and when at lyneham doing his Phase 2 training Maths and Science are a big part so his maths A level will definitely help him. Whilst at the Assessment Centre along with his BARB (Phycrometric test) he will also do his TST (Technical Selection test) which is 55 questions on maths...I think the pass mark is around 28 both REME Tech roles....all these tests can be practiced on the Army Website.
In layman terms Air Tech is the mechanic on helicopters and Avionic Tech is all the computer systems on the helicopters...after assessments of maths, science and engineering at phase 2 he will be streamed to either Land systems if not thought suitable.....if something fcuks up on a tank electronics wise its not normally as bad as if they had fcuked up on a helicopter...........good trades as said...however will never be as good as a black hands trade like A mechs :)
Far too much sensible in this thread for it to be Arrse in 2016. Although very refreshing to read.
He did a day's work experience with 667 Sqn at Middle Wallop this week and had a great time. They had him doing both green and black jobs to give him a good idea of the variety on offer. His mind is made up that it's the career he wants, all he has to decide is whether to go green or black.
He was handsome enough and is now doing his phase 2 at Lyneham as a Tech Av and loving every minute of it.
Well done him. Hope he goes on to have a really great life and career.
And going through phase 2 in only 2 years? Capita must have had a good week.
Nice to hear some good news for a change.
Join the RAF. The food and accommodation is a lot better.

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