how hard is basic ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by bean-herder, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. i joined the royal marines at 16 and got halfway through training to week 16 but decided to leave as i wasnt mentally up to it, i am now abit older and uglier and have started my application for the duke of lancasters regiment, i have friends in the the dol and they assure me that the training wont be as demanding as the royal marines and i beleive them, would just like anyones references to what basic is like.

    cheers for any replies.
  2. with all those scouce accents??????????

    ........................the horror...............the horror.
  3. You'd probably do better to re-enlist in the Royal Marines; if they'll have you back and you think you're ready for a second attempt.
  4. I have been for a PRMC, the potential royal marine course, failed by one point, i then joined the TA for furthering my military experience before retaking my PRMC. I completed basic training in the TA and I know its only the TA but my lord the difference in terms of fitness is ridiculous. In terms of fitness difficulty its practically a hang out with the PTI's...

    I don't know how much older you are, or whether you've lost that level of fitness, but you should still be fine mate.
  5. You must know the minimum requirements for joining up, train as much as possible and be the best you can be. The fitter you are the easier it will be.

    You may find though a difference in how a 16 year old is treated to an 18 year old entrant. Good luck.
  6. If all you are concerned about is how difficult it will be, then I suggest you don't bother. Do something less frightening. Lets face it, you binned it once . Do you feel ready? If the answer is not a resounding 'YES', then stay in bed.
  7. royal marines recruitment has gone really slow they are cutting down troop intakes the lot, and i got told of my afco id be looking at an early 2013 date or a late 2012 if i was very lucky, they said the reason was because of all the extra paperwork that needed to be pushed through for a rejoin was an absolute ball ache.
  8. Picking pockets has gotta be easier than naked rollmatt fighting, ey la?
  9. yeah prmc was a horrible 3 days i would rather forget lol. this is nothing to do with fitness i was just wondering if basic training for the army is similar to basic royal marines training ?
  10. Drill will be harder. Unless of course we dont slam heels into the ground any more.
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  11. Your royal highness, is that you?
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  12. It's a novel concept, I know, but have you thought about asking at the relevant CIO?
  13. yeah the rm corporal at the afco said the main reason is because of this daft tv campaign theyve got going, he said its good for inspiring future applicants but its absolutely bummed out current recruitment due to the sudden interest, the registers of applicants are heaving.
  14. ? i dont get it
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