how hard is basic training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stallion_max, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. Can someone tell me how hard is basic training?
  2. cant be that hard
    two nco`s just sent to harrogate from my battalion as instructors are worst we have,not a ******* clue and only just scraped a pass on juniors
  3. Well you have to get up before breakfast.
  4. Spend all day running yourself ragged. Spend all evening and most of the night cleaning your house to a high standard - then start pressing all your shirts and kecks. Then polish your shoes until you can see your face in them. Then go to bed around midnight...ish - but not before setting your alarm for 5am. Get up. Have a shower and shave in cold water. A quick twenty minute run before this is optional. Clean shower to high standard. Polish boots again. Get dressed. Have a quick brekkie - you have ten minutes. Then trash everything you've spent all night preparing before spending the rest of the day in a wet field. Back to square one. Repeat for six weeks. Still interested?
  5. Yeh, sounds mega.
  6. SO your saying that the nice training staff don't bring you breakfast in bed?
  7. Anyone else having their wah senses going off at the moment?
  8. Fcuk me wish I joined up when you did. :wink:
  9. ifits not hard its not worth doing.

    you aim this thread like you want an easy ride.
  10. Hardest thing ive ever done, but the best thing ive ever done.

    My passing out parade was the proudest day of my life and it was even better knowing what I had achieved in the last 14 weeks.
  11. Piece of piss compared to growing up with my old man. :D

  12. Was he Ian Huntley?
  13. That would have been a breeze too! :oops:
  14. Not as hard as it was in my day. Apparently. :wink:
  15. Aye, Those muskets were a bugger to clean :lick: