How good was the Heist!

Derren Brown, for a badly spelt beardy bloke is a genius. His programme 'the heist' on Ch4 last night was hoofing (if you didn't see it - by using the power of subliminal persuasion he got three people to rob a security van). I must be very easily led because at the end when the car was going past playing 'can you feel it' my heart was racing - nearly went through the wife's handbag :twisted: .
only caught the end of it but they sure looked f***ing scared when all those bods came down on them. your right though they must have very weak minds to be led into something like that. Question is now if they go and do it for real will they get off scot free by saying "channel 4 programed me and the deprogramming didnt work"?????
I only caught the last part, but i thought it was very interesting. The "must be weak minded" idea is not right, if the subliminal stuff is right and persists long enough, it works. It is quite scary really. There was a big thing made of subliminal messaging in films and stuff in the 60's. 1 frame in so many was a message that you couldn't actually see, but your brain took it in!

Anyway, though it was a great program!!!!

JUst watched it now - excellent stuff. I have seen him in concert as it were and he is just as good live especialy when he memorised the entire Cenral Manchester phone book and got people to tell them their telno then he tead out the numbers and addresses above and below theirs!.

Famously quoted as being the nearest this galaxy has to a Jedi Master.

All together now "These aren't the droids your looking for, move along"

Back on topic if you missed The Heist I am sure it wil be repeated late or on E4 if you have a dish
Sorry , but he has a brain. No Cunnt can memorise a book like that. He had a ear piece and some stooge with said book telling him the facts.

Its all an Illusion. i.e. a trick.

If you don't think so give me 10 quid and I'll give you 200 back.
Wrong old bloke no wires or earpieces just the ability to memorise large amounts of info quickly. Have you not see hime read out lines from a book where the page has been chosen at random.

It is just and entertaining skill that he has mastered.
erren brown isnt a magician or illusionist or anything, he's a skilled psychologist who understands what makes the human mind tick and he exploits this, if ypu know what you're doing it's very easy to convince people to do something or act in a particular way to make a trick work e.g. the london taxi driver drawing out his route on the previous show. He's a bloody entertaining guy to watch, I thnik the best show he did was the seance one, I was bloody drawn in by it all and couldn't believe it was all a sham he'd planted in everyones minds.
Impromptu is an illusion – just like reality.

In nature miracles don't happen

So he has a few trick up his ear I would think.

Ever seen Penn and Tellor (Pair of SPAM ******* showing how you think majic is done)


so he...

memorised the entire Cenral Manchester phone book and got people to tell them their telno then he tead out the numbers and addresses above and below theirs!.

Like I know people can remember a few facts but you are talking about what,in Central Manchester 439,500 people as at 2000.

so dumblebum can remember all these names, numbers, streets at so at least 2 million facts (plus) and relearn them when he pops of to Newcastle or Glasgow.

Go and get yourself a Svengali pack, stripping pack , thumb tip and fast pull. Learn how to force and you might be amazed.
There are ways studied in psychology to allow you to remmeber vast quantities of information, if you understand how the 2 memories within the brain work, you can make sure things are remembered strongly quite easily.
with a photographic memory, he'd kick arrse in a recce troop, methinks.

and if u wer caught, he could subliminally get the guards to feck off. great!
Ahhh lmfao your so funny arnt you.

not sort it you fu.cking muppet

I just think all that stuff he does is fake espically the one where he stuck that lad in the game where he thinks hes killing zombies

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