How good is your SQMS ? or how bad?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 120mmtopgun, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. Having been at the mercy of `Q` for many years & have had good & bad SQMS who would bill you for a lost rifle sling even tho you know hes got a room full of buckshee kit from the last inspection from the RQ.
    The good ones who would drop goodies at a dead letter box & put it on the slate.Or suddenly be waiting in the middle of nowhere (just like tony bell the ice cream man in cyprus) to lift the morale of the sproggs who have had to do some grunt training (yes i`m an infanteer ,but i saw the light).

    So what does your Q do to be good ?
  2. Depends on wether he just does his job or more as you've pointed out. Going the extra mile is a good sign even if it's not appreciated by all.
    I've had good bad and very scary Q men but it's hard to put the finger on a specific point. If you don't like the fella personally then no matter how good he is your going to slate him. Turning up with ice cold beer is always a winner if you ask me :D
    The billing for kit regardless of how much buckshee kit he has can also be seen as ensuring the nigs look after what they have been issued or pay the price.
  3. I was brilliant and they know it! :lol:
  4. once new a Q who sold the boys' own stickies to them after robbing them in the first place from their scran packs. he made WOII!!!
  5. Can I draw out a ******?

    This is the STORES,not ISSUES,F*ck ORRRRRFFFFFF.

    This guy did not like,having pieces of paper lying around.

    Later, I asked him Why?,he said that you should manage with what you´re given,improvise,or `borrow`it.Issueing kit makes soldiers lazy and stupid!

    Midnight......mixing Guard Duty,with making up the Diffies! :p
  6. Wasnt Dave Lee was it? He even tried to sell the range guards uneaten rations in the bratty tent. Egg bango! course you can that'll be one mark fifty and 100% profit! Robbin barsteward