How good is your European geography a quick test

39 miles in 86 secs - don't send me to Austria though.

Will all the officers get Russia in the right place ?.
238 secs and 48 miles
and not on the phone ;)
140 miles and 400 sec - no phone but these strange voices in my head again :oops:
204 seconds and 77 miles out not bad considering i was guessing at some of them
Being bored and wondering how I did it so quickly before, did it again with every country wrong.

277 secs, Avg errot 4490 miles. Beat that.
essexbob said:
322 secs, 519 miles :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I was on the phone at the time

561 seconds, 567 miles out. And not on phone.

[marq=left]Like I give a shít about Europe :lol:[/marq]

Second attemt, time down to 333 seconds.... accuracy "up" to 4356 miles - so is Turkey not in the Arctic Circle then?
whiffler said:
Being really really bored, sat on left hand until it went numb, then used it and got 88miles in 317 secs.
You really are bored arent you!!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh where the fcuk are these places that i've never been to before????????

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