How Good is Indias Military ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. Very competent, lots of 'em, well-equipped, good commanders. Did OK in their last few outings and lots of current experience from IS internally and COIN in Kashmir. Didn't do terribly well in Sri Lanka in a very difficult role.

    Plus their drill is very familiar and they've preserved pretty well all the old Raj traditions. Good guys.
  2. Large numbers of Ghurkas and Sikh troops, neither of which I'd particularly care to tangle with. Equipment a mixed bag, some very modern kit but lots of obsolete stuff too. Procurement suffers from trying to build things locally when it would be cheaper and quicker just to import kit.
  3. HMM sounds familiar :p
  4. Heh. Indeed smoojalooge, it wasn't just the uniforms and drill they borrowed from the British!
  5. I was told that India has more Gurkhas then Brit army has Infantry.
    Admittedly by a ex Gurkha officer over a drink.
  6. was talking to a gurkha on guard about this he said there are far more i think he said in the region of 30000 in the indian army
  7. hmmmm ............ that sounds familiar. (sa80, for just one example?)
  8. These days they would for sure. I've heard numbers ranging from 20-40 000.
  9. True - not just the unamalgamated share of the Gurkha regiments they took at Independence, but many short hard blokes from Nepal in the Assam Rifles and other units. Probably in excess of 30,000 in all.
  10. Well there are 1 billion indian's so I imagine its a big army, I imagine they learnt alot from the good ol' days.
  11. They buy a helluva lot of obsolete kit from us. It's still very effective in the roles they have to play. Many of their officers also do the JDSC course.

  12. with our carrier Invincable (is it that one or one of the other two?) being retired & all the Sea Harriers going from the FAA now too, are these going to be bought by India as a job lot I wonder? for sale, Invincable class Aircraft Carrier, with air wing, one careful owner (despite what the argies could throw at us) ...............

  13. I believe the reason they try to produce their own equipment, is down to the fact that the west refused to supply them with gear for a while after their nuclear ambitions became clear in the 60's - 70's ?

    The same happened to Pakistan recently so now they tend to make their own stuff.

    A lot of their equipment would be high quality, dont think they are in the business of creating low quality equipment, after all both their militaries and military traditions are held with much more respect than most of the rest of the World.
  14. Which gives me a great idea ......

    Much as we love the Falkland Islands, we could probably do worse that subcontract its defence to India, rather like the banks do with call centres.

    They have the carrier, the SEA HARRIERs and the Gurkhas. It would probably save us a fortune! And if that miserable oik Brown can do it under PFI, it won't even show up on the balance sheet.

    I shall expect to see this announced as Government policy shortly, with a knighthood in the post to me for coming up with the idea.