How good/bad was your posting? Whats your Battle?

The arrse pedia has a lot of places mentioned but with no content. Grasp the oppotunity to tell the world just how good Fally is or what the attarctions of Sennerlager of the downside of living near Pontefract!

Also there are a lot of battle sides mentioned (Mons etc) which is an ideal oppotunity for you to show off how much you know about a battle and tell us all about what happened when you walked the flanders fields etc etc!

Arrsepedia - you know you want to (But use protection - remember your links!!)

OS (on a bit of Arrsepedia crusade for some unknown reason - oh i remember, its that or work!!)
I too am suffering from 'cannotbearrsedtoworkitis' and am playing (far too much) with the wiki.

Come on people start playing with the tags (they're really addictive). If you want one making, just ask Darth. He's got no life and is very accomodating. :D

Once you know what you're doing you can make your own (I get them working eventually). Plus, when you've done loads of work, you get a 100 edits tag too.

Have a look at the current available tags:
You have the 'wiki addiction' too!!!!!

Think she beat you to it stabby, now play nice in the garden with dale!
StabTiffy2B said:
Oh dear. Looks like my latest tag creation has upset the Slug :D :

Took me ages to make that one.
1. Your spelling is shite.
2. I have already bubbled you, so stop sending me grovelling PMs.
3. The title of this thread is "How good/bad was your posting? Whats your Battle?" Why not tell us about some of your postings?

Stab, is that a photo of you in your avatar?

Did you really waste 5 minutes of your life making that, and another 10 seconds of mine to read it?
Following the slug wetting her pants and throwing her teddies, I've created some more 'nice' tags:

For those that have organised an arrse crawl:

For those that push paper all day:

For a look at all the currently available tags:

As always, if you have an idea for a new tag ask Darth or me. I'll just copy one of his, stick a new picture in it and take all the credit :D

Apolgies for highkacking your thread Oneshot. For those too lazy to navigate to what Oneshot was on about:

Rab, tis indeed a photo of me and the tag took considerably longer than five minutes to make.
StabTiffy2B said:
Apolgies for highkacking your thread Oneshot. For those too lazy to navigate to what Oneshot was on about:
I should fecking hope so, do you think I've got nothing better to do that sit around here, edit the wiki and post pointless drivel??

Oh hang on - your right!!!

On a serious(ish) note, can i have a tag along the lines of Kit builder (sounds better than defence contractor?) or whatever you thik (within reason) may be more appropriate?

Right people. In a similiar vein to Oneshot's quest to fill in the Places & Postings info (you've been to these places, I'm just a STAB), we need help on the Dates section. Anything will do, just to get the ball rolling. Once people start, there's no stopping them :D

I'm only a wee baby and some of you lot are right old knackers. You must have loads to write about from dates as long ago as 1972.

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