How good a wingman are you?

Only if my co-pilots provided enough Stella & a Safety Harness :lol: :lol:
Yeah i'd happily take one for the team and shag the Gwar. But only if somebody beat me to the big one
Yeah but wouldya????

We would have to be having a battalion pig fight with a months wages entry fee all going to the winner!!!

Or she would just have to be in the Sin Bin (looking at the hat maybe she is) on a friday night then why not!
the_guru said:
Which one are we talking about??
Listen mate - on a bad night, when no-one is looking, even a mong can provide satisfaction. ;)
You think I don't know that?? Any holes a goal chief !
You would have to work fast before she ate the other three
BTW she is a big laydee. Look at the size of her watch !
either thats a huge buffadillopig or the other three are porgs.
The biggun looks like the sort of girl where you have to strap a plank to your arrse to stop you from getting sucked in!
Roll her in flour and look for a damp spot.
I've had to rotate bigger burds into a bog cubicle in sherries in Barnstaple!!

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