how good a swimmer?

Discussion in 'REME' started by friday, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. how good a swimmer do u have to be to be a recovery mechanic?
  2. Surely that must depend on what you want to recover and fix.
  3. you dont have to be good at all, just a really good rimmer in the public toilets
  4. you have to be a fish
  5. Welcome back Monday. This is a wah, right?
  6. If you want to be a submarine recovery mechanic - pretty well I should think!
  7. your not much help are you and whos monday?
  8. Ah, You're serious, my mistake.

    Can you dive to the bottom, at the deep end, in your pj's and recover a brick?

    You can, excellent, in that case diving to the bottom of the Weser to recover a 60 tonne MBT should be a cinch.

    Swimmings a core skill for recce mechs.
  9. swimmimg to the bottom may not that hard , especially carrying a 20 tonne bow shackle and winch block, its probably coming up which could prove hard.
  10. I reckon the Rece Mecs are going soft. They used to shout and scream at the crews to fetch and carry and get wet. It must be this new Female breed we are training.
  11. You have to be more specific...

    Is this swimming in:

    a. P*ss
    b. Vomit
    c. OMD90
    d. Beer and frikky fat
    e. A combination of a,b,c & d?
  12. Clarification please.

    Has someone told you that only Duncan Goodhew and Mark Spitz type water babies are eligible for reccy mech? If so I suggest you recheck your facts unless entry requirements have changed drastically.

    Nice to see the obligatory ethnic minority and girl on the REME home page!!
  14. well if you can swim in mud and ice, you sould be fine.
    you sould also brush up on swamp swimming..... for when someone lags all over ur pit on reccy camp
  15. Must be for the under water knife fighting variety of Recce Mechs.