How gay is a high-fibre diet?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. Right, you've had a massive lentil and wholemeal frenzy, and a bag of figs for afters, and the next morning you sit down to business, producing some huge busker, a real brown baby. You're sitting there thinking, "Top jobby!" - deeply satisfying. Now here's a thing. How big a step is it from taking pleasure in a job(by) well done, and experiencing the same thing in reverse?

    I mean, when you stop and think about it, maybe a constant diet of fried eggs on white bread is a well-conceived strategy to avoid the above situation.

    Either I'm losing my mind, or this whole "healthy eating" business is a Maoist plot to force us all to take a walk on the brown side, so undermining our ability to reproduce.

    Tuna omelettes and milk for me from now on.

    "Ban the bran and remain a man", must be the watchwords.
  2. Not sure about gay,but it has clearly messed up your brain.
  3. Hahaha
  4. Are you homophobic ?
  6. Or to stop you getting cancer of the R Sole?

  7. Not to mention diverticular disease and acute constipation.
  8. I hate it when American sports men and women keep high-fibring each other, and just for turning up!

    It should be branned!

    ...rafia shawl pls waiter
  9. It's inGRAINed in them.
  10. I'm not amueslied!

  11. Sorry......Old.. Bean, must be my shredded wit.
  12. Dont know about gay but it should teach you what your arse is for
  13. Beat me to it :oops:
    Might leave them just as sore :twisted:
  14. Maybe if you're on a high fibre diet and it's getting too much for you, you can just reduce the amount of fibre you have?

    It's probably one of the healthier "diets" out there.