how gash do you think the civvy bowman courses are?

having recently converted to bowman, and having completed the civvy run course from wastelands i wondered what others thought of the courses?

i found the instructors to be very poor, due to the fact that they had never "touched" the equipment and could only comment upon what they knew from using computer emulations???

this struck me as a job for the old boys type of thing? (my instructor was ex armoured corps)

anybody else unhappy the the training package??
You're joining a long list of people who've seen thru computer based trg. At least the rest of the Regts are at the back end of the process, believe me it was a 100 times worse at the v beginning. Most of the Instructors try their best but they are very restricted to what they've been taught and what information they have available. As I said its a lot better than it was. Don't worry too much, treat it as an intro and once you get the kit, or pop next door and see what you will get it all straightforward enough. Try not to get a h@@don with the bits that aren't immediately beneficial.

Not the party line but someone who's been through this a couple of times now.

Did the advanced signaller one and honestly couldn't see the point (other than three weeks on the lash in Grantham).

Could have learned pretty much everything in a day in the training wing with the kit.
2 weeks of death by power point with two 'instructors' who had never touched the kit and not prepared for the lessons. All they did was read out what was on the slides.
I think my mind e-purged towards the end.
The Bowman course at Bovvy isn't all that bad. Some good hands on exercises with the kit in the landys all over Dorset. Don't know what the hell this has got to do with aviation though.

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