How free is Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Feb 23, 2005.

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  2. I am beginning to have my doubts about the police. Thirty years ago I would have assumed that I and everyone else would get a fair crack of the whip from them. Ten years ago I began to wonder if some other people might actually have a case against them. Today I wonder how I might fare if suspected of some petty crime - forgetting to leave my lock knife at home when I come to London, for instance.

    I certainly believe the police have their own agenda and it is not a libertarian one. And that is echoed in the policies of the current government.
  3. yeah but didn't he play C3-PO in Star Wars ????
  4. I have to agree, the way things are going 1984 is yet to come. The worst thing is that all these Govt agencies are so ineffective yet at the same time imply that "we" are lazy liars.

    I can't get essential equipment yet we can spend Billions on bureaucratic regulation. I don' mind spending on things we can see, but its all the "hidden costs" that pi** me off. Why did the Millenium Stadium cost 1/4 the cost of wembly for example esp as the stadiums in Japan cost even less again, answer bureaucratic regulation and profiteering.
  5. My wife is a teacher at our local primary school. She goes to work at 0700 each morning, has around a fifteen minute break at lunchtime and I get to see her at around 1800, when she arrives back home with a pile of marking and planning to occupy the evening.

    About once every fortnight, after school, the teachers are obliged to sit through a lecture which sets out the Government's strategy, in some way, shape or form. This frequently repeats what they, the teachers, are already aware of and have been practicing or have discarded as unworkable, for the last decade or so.

    Each of these lectures costs the school an average of £400.00, which comes out of the school's operating budget, and could be better spent on providing scarce teaching resources.

    The 'lecturers' come courtesy of some anonymous 'advisory' agency, approved by the Department of Education...

    Tony's Cronies, perhaps?
  6. I have always wondered about these two points above.

    I had a renewal for my TV licence st the end of August. Due to one thing or another - I had forgot to renew and went to do so at the beginning of November. Before I could say "its starts from September", the man at the counter wrote it out to beginning the same month we were in. Lo and behold I got a letter form TVLA saying the PO man had made an error and I will still have to renew for September as usual - fair enough but who are they to say that I was actually watching the TV or if chucked it out for the two months anyway?? (highly unlikely I know but still!).

    And with the CCTV - well more so with GATSOs - it said that their purpose is to cut car accidents and speed violations, so if the increase in the amount of cameras on the road is, say, 20% from last year - how comes there isn't a 20% decrease in accidents? CCTV is only useful if the local plod is willing to contact the appropriate camera operators when a crime is committed on their patch. In my own experience, they don't. So much for using them to cut crime and get successful convictions.
  7. While we, the public, remain apathetic about the infringements on our freedoms imposed by increasingly authoritarian socialist governments, we have only ourselves to blame. If every teacher in every school were to stand and question the lectureres at these sessions: "What the hell are you doing costing us valuable time and money for no quantifiable purpose?" (" cretinous bstard..") they'd soon get the message. But it doesn't happen. The British aren't politicised to that extent, and those who are are afraid of transgressing the Unwritten Laws of Offence.
  8. They do challenge these impositions but the answer they get back is that they are foisted on the schools by the LEAs and they, in turn, by the Dept of Education.

    As usual I expect that, at some time in the future, there will be a 'New Government Initiative' to cut out 'unnecessary waste' in schools and these lectures will be dropped.
  10. I doubt it. Maths or engineering will go instead.
  11. I though about being a copper once but having seen the effort invovled in dealing with one drunken git 8 hrs plus paperwork 3 court apperances and he got a £50 fine and £50 quid compo that arrives to me by £4 cheques every few months when he is out of jail and claiming benefits('8O')
    I couldn'nt cope with the shear frustration of it
  12. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    We can only hope that maths or engineering gets dropped for something that is of benefit to us, Underwater Hotel Management maybe, or Glacial Pottery History.
  13. Reading the ex doc's points, the answer seems to be: er, not very free at at all. When everything is laid out in this manner it's frightening how much the world's longest functioning democracy, whose reputation for freedom is still a byword around the globe, how much of our personal freedoms have been subsumed " for the greater good". I don't think you can lay the blame for this wholly at St Tony of Freetown's door; it seems that the whole bureaucratic system is conspiring against us and has been for many years. Oh sod it, time for a large glass of port to ease the gout.
  14. A lot of the points raised here all stem from one source and that is ineffective Policing and handling of Justice by an ineffective Police Force and Judiciary system.

    CCTV on the increase due to there not being enough Police on the beat, CCTV is used as a (very effective) augmentation to the thinly spread beat coppers.

    Traffic cameras on the increase due to the lack of traffic Police.

    Administration when bringing criminals to justice excessively ridiculous, therefore making the first point worse and perpetuating the need for more "none human" intervention methods.

    Fear of crime on the increase due to ineffective handling of criminals, therefore justifying the need for more technological intervention as people believe that these measures will aid in combating crime.

    The list could go on and on as to how and why our freedoms are being eroded but IMHO, there is one blatantly obvious answer to all of it, make the Police, the Judiciary and every other head of the supposedly "none political" bodies such as LEA's etc more effective and more accountable to the people that they serve. This would ultimately mean political change and as has been so accurately stated

    We as a population only have ourselves to blame for this, we have either voted in the parties that have created the society that we live in or we have become so apathetic that we have let the changes take place around us whilst being blissfully ignorant to the erosion of our basic rights.

    Long and short of it, it’s our own bloody fault.
  15. it would be a start to find out which knut decided brainstorm and blackboard were potentialy offensive and banned them(':twisted:').