How fit should AMS soldiers be?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LtTrousersnake, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. Supreme physical beings at all times?

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  2. Fit enough to carry out their basic medic tasks depending on their current role?

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  3. Fit enough to not embarrass the AMS?

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  4. Fit eonough to be distinguishable (just) from civvy IV drug users?

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  5. I don't care as long as they join up, do a decent job and stay in?

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  1. This is a touchy one! Various blogs have touched on this subject!

    The BPFA (or BFT as it is now (thx BP20)) is age and sex specific! Should this be the case? There are a few obvious AMS roles which require CMTs, RMOs, RNOs, etc. to be as fit as their teeth arms colleagues. What are these in your opinion? Let's clarify these!

    What I want to know is what you guys believe is the minimum fitness standard required and why? Can a 45yr old female RNO consider herself fit for duty if she just passes her BPFA when a 19yr old male CMT runs 10mins 31 secs for his, and fails? Who is more fit for duty and why?

    I am a firm believer in a healthy mind/healthy body etc but are the army targets meaningless? Are we keeping fit just to gain kudos or fit in at field units? Is this just a respect issue? Are we in the AMS just insecure? Can we reasonably expect soldiers who are not trained killers to train for trainings sake?

    Come on gladiators tell us how you can't stand those fat bulging soldiers and officers in uniform! Come on you donut eaters and tell us how annoying you find the CMTs who can bench press their own body weight but can't do their job.

    It has always been my belief that the Army will forgive us for being sh*t soldiers but not for being sh*t medics?

    Fire at will!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. do keep up trousers

    PFT replaced BPFA

    No green, amber or red - just pass or fail = no more 300 club.

    Medics will always be an easy target for abuse - just because the Infantry done appreciate the way 'we' operate, until shrapnel starts to fly.

    And Medics (I mean AMS as a whole) dont do themselves any favours - but giving themselves bad press - by setting bad examples.

    I believe that all AMS personnel should be expected to carry out BLS for 3 minutes at the end of the PFT - just to prove that they are fit for role
  3. Trousers out of 'system' till this October. The last test I did was a BPFA so I look forward to the PFT.

    I like your point Bedpan re Medical CFT!

    How about this as an equation for personal fitness:

    Amount and quality of training x need for extra-marital sex =Fitness
    Amount of marital sex + pies + beer + age
  4. they should be as fit as any other soldier. the PFT is easily passable by any person regardless of age or gender, it is a MINIMUM requirement not a target to aim for.
  5. that sounds good - for someone still in trg

    just wait until you get posted to a field unit!
    even the threat of admin discharge for repeat failure doesnt motivate the sick, lame and lazy (by field unit, I mean within the AMS)
  6. Double check with MCM Div but the last stats I saw showed the AMS had the highest level of non-FE personnel in the Army. I left an Armd AMS unit ^ months ago and that would seem to fit(sic).
  7. Err..."physician, heal thyself?"
  8. Go on then, I'll say it, I know you all thought it.....

    Female nurses should be well fit, innit? Don't want no mingers bending over me bed.

    I'll get my gown....
  9. I have a varied opinion on this, although i agree that all soldiers should meet the minimum standard, it is'nt always possible, through injury downgrade, age or lazyness. If you have soldiers failing due to the lazyness, then there is a system in place in order to correct it, if the system isn't being used, then the fault lies with the management. this applies to all ranks. to long have people complained about individuals doing this and that, its about time SNCO's and above take some of the responsiblity for the miss falls that are often blamed on the system or playstaion generation.
  10. I believe that AMS should have the same levels of fitness as everyone else. The minimum that's referred to is just that - a platform on which to build, not a ceiling to aim for.

    We are after all, all soldiers first and then tradespeople second, n'est pas?
  11. These figures will always be that way because a Doc sat in a field hospital in Shaibitha etc (I know the hospital has now moved) can still do their job, albeit at a lower medical grading, than a front line soldier or medic etc.
    The idea of everyone requiring the same level of fitness and medical grading is difficult to justify with the present desperately low manning levels of the AMS.
    We cannot afford to discharge highly trained (and very expensive) medical staff just because they dip below P2FE when evidence shows that they can still perform their role, as was clearly demonstrated in Telic 1 (and still continues in subsequent ops) with the number of medical staff taken at risk due to their medical grading.
    Even though they were taken at risk very few were RTU'd (admitedly more on Telic 1 than on subsequent tours due to Naps, asthma etc.etc.) and the vast majority perfomed their operational role perfectly.
  12. How fit should AMS soldiers be?

    Very, IMHO, however the truth is that there is a lot of them who aren't, and can't be ARRSE'd to do anything about it :shakefist:
  13. Maybe if we all went to work naked, the fatties would be embarrassed into more exercise?
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Moobs aren't a bad thing.
  15. Moobs and back fat! The ladies love em!