How Fit Do You Need To Be To Pass The Tests

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by nat_x, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. im female, 16 and wondering how fit u need to be. im probally wont join straight away as i will hopefully be going to college and im not sure yet what i want to do.
    is it 10.30 you need to get on the 1.5mile run?
    and what other things do they test you on and does it matter if your are overweight ((hopefully not for long though...))
    thanks x
  2. Look at the sticky post in the "health and fitness" forum.
  3. kk thanks
  4. Nat what part of the British army do you want to join e.g. Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines etc cause it varys ALOT.
  5. yeah fair point. i dont really know much about each of them. for now lets just say Combat Infantryman.
  6. The Run time for the RLC and RA is 13.30 mins!! Youve got to get lower!
  7. Ladies cant join the Parachute Regiment or any Infantry Regiment for that matter, you have to be male. Same for the Marines i think. Womens run times are higher than that of the mens simply becuase men are built stronger... unless you happen to be a resident of the Black Country. Before you decide what you want to join check that you wont be barred from it by being female. For instance, if you wanted to join the Artillery you can, but only in certain job roles.
  8. Dooley you don't seem to know alot about the army :roll:
    Females definately cannot join the Infantry or Royal Marines (which is the Navy by the way).

  9. As an ex recruiter, just nip in your army careers office or ask your careers teacher they will give you all the up to date fitness brochures, if you have any specific questions pm me and Ill try and help. The career offices normally go into most of the colleges aswell, or you could just go straight onto To get put forward to the ADSC (selection) you need to be running at least 1/2 mile warm up then a mile an half in around 12.30 to 13.00 minutes and trying to do at least 3 proper straight arm pull ups though not being sexist some females cant even do one. Hope this helps