how fit do you have to be

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by scouser06, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. At the end of basic training.
    How fit do most people have to of improved from the entry test?
    Is there like a test like on the first day?
    And please don’t answer with wait in till you even get that far I would just like to know now?
  2. Pass a BPFA (1.5 mile run/situps/pushups)

    Pass a CFT (8 mile run/walk with weight)
  3. After 12 weeks you will begin to see a big improvement in your physical fitness unless you have your own bed in the med centre!
    Its Phase two that will make the difference. If your going Inf you will feel the burn. If your going into a corps You will smell the burn-ing of your food from the Bratty wagon! In all seriousness though Phase two should in theory be when you are throwing all your CFT's out and getting -9:30 on your BPFA etc
  4. By the time you get to the cft would it be easy or still challenging
  5. scouse, you can never be fit enough, fitness is an ongoing thing, you must work on it constantly, esp if your going for INF.

    to make basic and your core training easier, get as much running done as possible before you go in,
    the main ploblem with new recruits is lack of wind, stamina is whats required.

    get jogging, get out working on it at least a few hours a day, after a while start going out with a day pack on, fill it up with books to up the weight as you get better.

    its not how fast you can go, its how long you can go for that matters....................... same with running too haha.