How fecking stupid are some people?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by topcat68, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. Didn't really know where to put this but here goes,one of the birds in my office was checking her bank balance last wednesday at the hole in the wall,and discovered somebody had deposited £27,500 :? into her account,then lo and behold the same person deposited another £750.00 on the thursday.So what did the daft cow do? She spent the last three days finding out who deposited the money and promptly fecking told them?????.Turns out it was the northern rock and they didn't believe her at first,and the cheeky cnuts want her to send a cheque to them.Anyway is there anything they could have done if she had spent/moved the money,legally I mean?
  2. Even if it was the banks error, she still would have had to pay it back. Afterall, it is on their records that it was paid into her account.
  3. But if she moved it into a high interest account and sat back and waited for them to contact her,could she keep the interest obviously depending on how long it took?
  4. Unfortunately, she did the right thing. If she knew the money wasn't her's, she had to pay it back. If she didn't realise and spent it, then it's the bank's problem.

    Hmm, let me think about this. Solution as I see it is for someone to 'steal' her bank card and clear out her account, purely hypothetically of course.
  5. move the money into a high interest saving account. Speculate with the interest on the stock exchange...wait a minute that sounds just like a bank!!
  6. oh heck, that was the first option I came up with, thats me doomed then! :roll:
  7. Would keeping the money be in the same category as 'Theft by finding', i.e. hanging on to something one has no title to.
  8. 25K is a lot of dough and a bank would pursue this figure.

    Below 5k or so the cost / benefit equation begins to fall off, how much time would you spend trying to get 500 notes off someone if you have bigger fish to fry?
  9. The offence would be retaining a wrongful credit and you wouldn't get away with it. In the end the bank would track down the £27k and you'd be sharing a cell with an arsse rapist. If the bank asked you for a cheque then you might be able to pop it in a high interest account for a short time, if you squared it away with them first. At the end of the day if their money earns interest whilst it is sitting in your account, or another high interest account, the bank could well say that the interest earned belongs to them and you're back to retaining a wrongful credit. I don't think they'd try very hard to get it back though but once you know you have money, which does not belong to you, in your account you should take all reasonable steps to return it to the owner asap. This is just the same if you found something on the street and kept it for an unreasonable time.

    I don't think your friend was particularly stupid at all BTW.
  10. Spend it on Wimen & Drinkies...Droool.. :wink:

    Naw only kiddin...they would only hit the rest of us with more bank charges! :lol:
  11. I wouldn't have told them, I wouldn't have spent it either.

    You never know, they might have forgotten or not realised a mere 27k (small fry in the scope of a Banks business) was missing.

    I wonder what a 'reasonable amount of time' would be?

    Failing that, just do a 'Big Vern' at the counter.
  12. Understand what you are saying mate but personally I wouldn't have spent three days trying to give it back,i would have sat back and waited for them to contact me.
  13. Exactly. ;)
  14. She should have bought a bankers draft for £26000 from the same building society or bank...... then given them it back.

    The extortionate cost of the feckin things would set her back the full amount she was originally credited with.

    Building societies should be robbed at every chance as they are cnuts.
  15. I thought that if you got a bank error in you favour then you collected £200.
    Or am I living on a monopoly board?