How fcuking stupid are war protestors?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Toasted_Giant, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Alright, pretty much a rhetorical question. I work for a Very Large Defence Company tm, and the Great Unwashed have turned up on the business park with their cider, their banners and their irritating crappy drumming.

    None of them see to realise that the building, (near ours,) they are protesting outside was vacated by Raytheon months ago and is now just office space for hire. :roll:

    I've said it before, it's a damn shame the mainland police can't use water cannons. :D
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It ruins the cider.
  3. get the flame thrower out, its the only way the fuckers deserve to die. protesters do my fcuking head in, they go on and on about how these corporations are polluting/damaging the environment and what not, they dont see what they themselves are actually doing. with all the greens these fuckwitts eat it wouldnt suprise me to learn if they were the biggest contributers to green house gasses in the world. and things like green peace/save the whales, they fly around on gas guzzling boats protesting at oil rigs, in my opinion they simly have nothing better to do any are more than likely high on mushrooms or pot. you work for a deffence company mate? you must have some toys in there. give em' all you've got.
  4. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    As a concerned citizen you should point out their error and send them down the road to your competitors.

    As long as its not me.

    Aere you big and expensive?
  5. We have a large contingent of otherwise unemployable rent-a-cause down here in the Peoples Democratic Republic of South Sussex (Brighton). They have been running a long and agressive campaign against a local company called EDO (Smash EDO), involving threats to workers, occupying the building and picketing, on the grounds that EDO makes bomb release equipment. To date, they have managed to get any charges against them dropped (for reasons that escape me). However, although the group does make bomb release equipment, it is not made in the Brighton factory. I did suggest in the local paper that if they were really incensed about the arms trade, then they should protest outside the Kalashnikov factory in Irkutsk. To my knowledge, no one has yet taken me up on my offer (probably because they would miss signing on day).
  6. They are not really war protesters. They would protest about anything. It gives them a sense of purpose, comradeship and achievement which they are unable to find in work because they are so stupid and awful that no-one would employ them.
  7. The problem with war protestors, is that they've singularly failed to stop any war ever, all they accomplish is undermining the will of democracies to defend themselves-look at Vietnam, the war didn't just stop when the US pulled out due to domestic pressure, it went on till the North vietnamese took Saigon in '75 and massacred anyone who was opposed to their regime...All peace protestors accomplish is to morally confuse wet minded liberal types, most of the current generation of protestors are student fcukwits who don't know sh1t about anything in real life, or middle aged leftover hippies wnating to pretend its still 1968...I'm usually opposed to totalitarianism, but it would be funny to see how a dictatorship dealt with our peace protestors, I'm thinking shoot the first 20 hippies then in with the heavy armour, a few protestor pancakes, jobs a good'un...
  8. Most "war protestors" I have met (2 of which include my brother, and his wife) seem to be students that have never grown up.

    My brother and his bird went to Brussells to protets at the G8 a few years ago, and got tear gassed. They weren't happy. I told them that they were pricks for even going.

    Since then he's left a proper job, and is back to the younger brother I used to know. She....on the other hand, has left Uni, now works for a NGO doing charridy work, still a "Quaker" and all round hippie. We did however agree to disagree last year when I argued with her so much that she left the dinner table on Christmas day in tears. She can't be that fcuking switched on can she?!?! She's got a degree from Oxford, and I have 10 GCSEs, and a skinfull of JD at that time.

    Me 1 - fcuking student hippy gobshites 0
  9. Well, top marks to old plod for a change. Stuck 2 guys on the door when the one protestor sober enough to still read, managed to make out our company logo leading to an invasion of our car park.

    Copper I spoke to explained exactly what they would do and seemed pretty switched on. Not only that, but their control room rang me back, (I had reported it earlier,) asking if there were any further developments and if I was happy with the way the police were dealing with it!

    Fair play boys. :clap:
  10. You too then , we had a crowd of the unwashed last week, drums, whistles and defo not the Lynx odour, and fashion by Oxfam. Most faded away when the rain came on :D I noticed that some were, or appeared to be quite mature in years, prehaps its a vocation in itself.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I have two experiances with these fukcwits

    I know a chap who works for a large food company who have had 'milk protesters' gathering outside
    When invited by the company to attend a presentation regarding their protests they agreed to attend
    After the presentation they agreed that the issue they were protesting about had indeed been resolved but would now shift their focus to another of the companies products
    When asked why the answer was we hate multi national companies like yours
    It's like McDonalds adressing the protests over their burgers being crap for kids
    The protesters will move on to slagging the fries or milk shakes
    Although they seem to have no problem wolfing dowen the companies products during the meeting

    Meeting 2 was carried out by Mrs T_B_S
    Mrs T_B_S met up with her young Russian work colleague and her new middle aged boyfriend (yes she wants a passport)
    Middle aged boyfriend describes his occupation as a 'protester'
    When he found out I had been in Iraq he went off on one
    Mrs T_B_S pointed out he was a "whinging fanny" and he was lucky bloke like me would defend tw4ts like him
    He refused to speak for an hour and fukced off home threatning to dump Russki

    MRS T_B_S 1 Whinging Fanny 0 :D

  12. We could borrow a couple of those warm water cannons from NI and add a little shower gel.
  13. You should have drank your own piss, it'd have tasted better.
  14. Been there and done it with Animal Rights.

    Plod are much better now as the 'right' to protest is balanced against the right to get on with yer job and earn a crust.

    Continual and vicious harassment against staff? Then collect, collate and timeline the events. Injunctions can then be brought against these cun..............people under Protection from Harassment Act 1997. SOCA 2005(Google it) may also apply, too.
  15. Most of these trash are anarchist types like the Class War Federation - only good thing they could do would be to donate all their organs at once (before they died).