How Fat Is Your Foreman?

Ours is strangely thin, and the TOT could fax himself to work. Exception to the rule i'm sure.

All sing along.....!

"He's big, he's round, bounces on the ground....T..O..T, T..O..T....!!
darth_fokker said:
All sing along.....!

"He's big, he's round, bounces on the ground....T..O..T, T..O..T....!!
HAHAHAHAHA love it love it - keep em coming Darth :lol:
To the tune of "Volare"

"Fat Foremaaaan....whoowo.....Fat Foremaaan....whoooao...eats pies and does fack all else....shags techs.. its what he does best.....!!"
For those that remember the good old Catterick days it was a requirement for the T1 course to be fat.

That way it was well developed by the time you got to FofS!!

I am now trying to shed some of the weight that I HAD to put on!


Ours - who is probably reading this *waves to Foreman* - is not out of the fat foreman mould at all - in fact he appears to be worryingly unfat and also has a sense of humour. Indeed the last one was similar - perhaps it's something about our Regt :D
Dr_Feltcher said:
Mine is Big And Round....

How is Yours????
If it's who I think it is, he used to be an over-weight taxi driver in An Interesting Georgian Town as well.

To be fair he isn't just a fat foreman, he's also a cause of global warming and the petrol crisis
My Opinion is.....

If your not fat, your not a Foreman!

The One at my unit is probably contending for Fattest Foreman of the year again,

He already has the honours of 2003 & 2004.

Any late contenders to poach this years crown?
I'm not.

Must have slipped through the net. :twisted:
Bit of Advice,

As a Class 2 Tech, if your thinking about doing your Class 1 in the hope you will become a foreman you want to be running a BPFA time of no faster than 11 Minutes and have at least a small beer belly.

As a Class 1 Sgt, BPFA Time should be >12 Mins or you should by know be downgraded with a known medical condition known as "fat".

On Your Foreman Selection/Course you should be out of breath just walking to the NAAFI and suffer from serious knee pains with the odd tingling sensation down your left arm .

Just Follow These Easy Steps and You'll Be a Foreman of Signals In No Time!!!
Not bitter Dr F are you???:)
Well what can you say if the cap fits?? Does this apply to most techs?? You fu**ers are the only ones that can answer this one!! And as for the marching you fu**ing deserve it!!
You really dont need to make an effort, all the block BBQ's and sitting around the old skool all day will sort you out Weasel

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