How Fat is excessive?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. In the pub the other night, there was a couple at the bar......they might have been called The Waddles. I doubt whether it would be possible to have got a tank-track round the 'female' creature's waist. I looked away, but the gf pointed out that the bloke was actually blind. I said, I bet he wonders where his last 12 guide dogs went.
  2. Im very fat, female, eat dogs, and not blind, what point are you trying to make, you cunt?
  3. Dieting?Dogs are not tasty raw ? Blind blokes have less taste than a Kung Pao whoofer? Fat women don't deserve to definfe?i
  4. Let's put it another way.....there is more walking pork in a tyipical British street now than you could ever find in a sausage roll factory....lazy fuckwit wimmen, mostly.
  5. Is there a problem with fat people. My understanding is fat people will die earlier than us super hetro males(Insert women where appropiate) Fat people pay tax, fat people dies, not so much a burden on The NHS, or any pension scheme they have managed to pay into. Bacon buttie shops suffers a slight hiccup, then snares the next potential victim. Win win for everyone.
    But as fat people more pay tax, because they eat more lard than Mr average man I would like to see a state funeral, for each and every one of the heroic bloaters.
    We need more gunts and cankles on our streets, if only to scare our Grandkids.
  6. I have been pondering on this very question for a few weeks now. I have nothing at all against people who are over weight, BUT I have managed to fall out with a particularly large woman across the road. This woman is so vast her arms do not sit by her sides, her back is in a constant backwards arch due to her stomach pushing her into that position. And needless to say, she walks in a very odd manor.
    Anyway, I have been wondering, how does she manage to wipe her backside ?
  7. I hear she puts a wet towel along the side of the bath and rubs herself along it, well that's what I got told !
  8. When I was a nipper in this country, fat cunts were rare, now they are almost the norm, and not only that, they have the audacity to aggressively chance that their grossness is pretty.
  9. Well there is that option, I suppose. I'm just glad she doesn't have a dog. Don't get me wrong, I seriously have nothing against 'bigger' people. But this woman has really made me think about how she keeps herself clean. Maybe I need to get out more often.
  10. AFAICR:
    15-30% BMI: Overweight
    30-50% BMI: Obese
    > 50%: Morbidly obese

    For males.
  11. You tellin us you live in a very odd Manor?
  12. Who says she does?
  13. The fashion of wearing Leggings or Jeggins by fat fcukers should be made a criminal offence, I suppose they think they're well trendy and lookin good with their leggins, slave sandals and long top which barely covers their fat arse.

    I said this last time they came into fashion and hopefully I will be alive to say it again next time.
  14. Check the waistline
    35" for females
    37" for males

    Anything over 40" can be hunted for sport.
    Anything over 50" can be killed and rendered down for tallow on the spot.
  15. I know a guy who has a 30 inch waist at a push. He is having real problems buying trousers as they are all made for fat knackers these days. Too fat in my eyes is when you take up my seat as well as your own and the aisle in a fecking plane.