how fat is 20% body fat?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by computersaysno, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. just how fat is 20%? im guessing im over that i way 11 stone 12 and im like a hobbit

    got selection 6th july nervous about the medical
  2. They don't check your Body Fat % at Selection. They check your BMI though which needs to be between 20 - 25.
  3. im gonna go wild here bare with me....

    im not a genius but im guessing my theory works out somewhere. imagine your body (no im not a pervert) take away the bones, muscle organs skin hair etc etc. and your left with fat, how much fat do you think there will be left??
  4. Its like a fifth innit, bit smaller than a quarter
  5. they do do the calliper test. says so in my joining instructions
  6. You weren't kidding either were you?
  7. im on my 7th can of suoerstrong lager so what do you expect. wait til ive had the methane!
  8. Just don't go lighting up eh?
  9. Visit for more information on body composition.

    The average male adult has between 15 and 17% body fat on average - average female between 18 and 22%.

    Tbh, as long as you can pass the physical parts of selection, don't worry too much; however, I would recommend shedding a few pounds of fat to bring your body fat percentage more in line with the average , if you're male.
  10. This one???
  11. I know when I did selection at Glencorse, we didn't have our body fat checked. Just BMI.
  12. maybe they do it if your bmi is high???
  13. The only do the caliper test if your BMI is the top end or higher. The caliper tests is a quick method of checking your excess fat.
  14. Where did you get your body fat measured?

    If you used those all-in-one body fat scales/handheld devices, they can be out by as much as 5%.
  15. are you asking wat 20% fat looks like on someone. i e how fat do they look?