How fast should i run a mile and a half?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kurt_ruby, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. ive got selection on the 21st of jan and i was wondering how fast should i be running my mile and a half. ive just come back from a badly sprained ankle which i got @ a coldstream look @ life course and i havent done any serious running up intil yesterday when i did a mile and a half in 10 mins and 50 secs. now ive got 6 days till i go and im wondering is anywere around that time acceptable?
  2. If you had half a brain, and were really serious, then surely you could find the answer to that question yourself without resorting to asking here. Here's a hint -- this information can be found in a couple of minutes on the internet. Or maybe you're just too lazy to find out. Or too stupid? Pull your finger out of your rectum and do your basic research. Where there's a will, there's a way, after all.
  3. Basically mate as fast as you feckin can, the instructors reward effort over anything else
  4. Just wondering, whats yours', while your at it, on a theme, how many press ups and sit ups?
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    I was always crap at pressups
  6. Well, I'm getting on a bit...but since I've been working on the PACE form of running, I'm completing 5 miles, on average, in 42 minutes. Press ups...well, not very good...maximum 30 before burn out. As for sit ups...well, if there's a pint of ale and a pie at the end of my nose, the sky is the limit. But I ain't looking on joining up, and they wouldn't want me now anyway.

    Would you want to stand next to, against the enemy, and when the shit hits the fan, someone who can't even muster up the initiative to find the answer to such a fundamental question? 8O
  7. Am I missing something here? I thought part of the reason for this site was to allow people to ask questions?

    He is doing research........on here !!

    Get a life.
  8. H_K_F, That is incredibly harsh, I think one of the things we need to accept on this site is that young men and women looking to join the Army will come on here and ask some of the more basic questions again and again, ces't la vie! Kurt_Ruby did headline this thread quite well so you could have quite simply ignored it?

  9. Anything under 11 minutes should be fine as long as you dont walk at all (instant fail) and show your putting in 100%. I know some people keep putting timings in from Wellbeck/ATR sites about 14 minutes etc but as said on countless threads that the PSO's are looking for under 11.30 lads and 12.30 lasses but if strong in other area may pass you. Just remember once youve got into the Army and passed training your new units will expect you to running well unde 10.30 and in most cases well under 10 minutes or you will be on remedial pt.
  10. This is basic research 8O
  11. Jus try your best, and aim for, anything under 10.30 I'd say. At least you ARE actually bothering yourself to find out this sort of info pal, ignore some people... :)
  12. What's the swimming test like? i might need to brush up on that if i get to CIC.. Never really been a strong swimmer, but i can work on it
  13. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Its kinda damp, a bit cold.....

    IIRC 2 min treading water in jacket and trousers, followed immediately by 100m swim. Not so sure about the distance to be swum....
  14. So it's pretty wet then? Bloody hell that has suprised me :eek:

    cheers anyway chris
  15. How fast ? ........Very.....................

    Do it as quick as your lungs can handle it.
    P.S. Never ask how fast, it's an open ended question where your heading, just like how long.

    Good luck anyway !