how fast is a jog and a run?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by t-rex, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. could anyone tell me whats the speed difference between a jog and a run. i relise this could be different for most people, i'm just after an idea. cheers
  2. a jog is like walking but picking up your knees.. a run means your actually moving somewhere at a reasonable speed
  3. What’s the difference between running and jogging :?

    None – jogging is a slower pace run
  4. It's the difference between moving at a nine and a six minute mile pace.
  5. Civvies and women jog...

    Soldiers tab or run.
  6. civvies and women.. so your sayin all civvies are male and you have to add that.. or that civvies and females in the army cant tab?

    Get a grip.
  7. It's jogging if you can do it easily while holding a conversation, running if you can only pass the occasional remark - so it varies from person to person.

    And, Tartan Terrier, six miles an hour is all I can manage now, but I am running, pal, not jogging!
  8. Was that a bite? :wink:
  9. She's been in five minutes and is throwing her teddies. It's a well known fact that women can't tab properly. It's also a well known fact that monkeys are illiterate. I present your post as evidence.
  10. monkeys are the top 5% of the army, it requires the hightest BARB score and qualifications to get into ..
    As for tabbing, i dont know one female who cant tab, i know two males who got backsquadded in phase one for failing their cft.. all 24 females passed though.
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  12. Every bint I've had the misfortune to witness on phys has failed.

    Mainly due to the fact they cannot TAB and suck c0ck at the same time time.

    Get the kettle on.
  13. unless you hold a rank that can prove that i very much doubt it.
  14. Two sugars, and have my kit ironed by the time I get back from the mess.
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