How fast can you pack?

You get your posting order through, its the one you want ... Oh the joy!!

But hang on ....... slight problem ...... can you move in 10 days time? 600 miles is no problem at all really. Its only a house full of assorted junk and possible spouse and children with their own assorted junk. You aren't complaining are you? We pay you disturbance money.
The packers will do it all for you! For goodness sake its only schooling why are you so worried about a childs education? Just get to your next unit and sort it all out there. Oh and good luck with the unpacking!

How familiar is that paragraph? Who sends out posintg orders with 10 days to move? And does Clark Kent still work for the daily planet, cos i could have some surplus work for him in catterick!!
That is really really bad MD.  Some questions need to be asked ref man management somewhere near you.  Although did you not know you were posted?  Just ask for more time, you can only ask...
Its happened with the last 2 moves mores the pity. Can only hope that whoever is in charge is moved on before i'm moved again.

And i'm not the only one thats had 10 days notice to move. I'm just only the one talking about it on here at present!
Fraid this wasn't a "block move"!

and if only i was 19 again!!!!! lol


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Assuming that you are married, try getting the missus to speak to the AFF (old Fed Army Wives).  They wont be able to do that much but they certainly have the ear of some top people - this needs to be reported.

All the best.

You might be interested to know that uder IIP MCM Divs should give, as a minimum, 6 months notice for a posting.  

What was the reason for the short notice or did your MCM Div not even have the courtesy to explain.  

It is not called Morale Countermeasures Division for nothing.

Did you get your relocation leave?  or was the answer from your new CO "I suspect you will want to get your feet under the table right away".


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Hey Flip,

Does that mean the MCM/Army have its IIP removed?  Hey, that would be fun, I would love to be able to put forward a case for that!

Morale Countermeasure Division, excellent!  They informed me the other week that I was unsuccessful on a board due to my file going missing (internal clerical problems), and therefore I will have to wait 6 months until the next one!  No apology, not even an acknowledgement that they has done anything wrong!
10 days to move 600 miles?  Easy life! :mad:

Pull up a sandbag; I once came off 3 weeks leave to be told I had 12 days before moving 8000 miles to Las Islas Malvinas for 5 months.  Apparently the Duty Clerks over Block Leave didn't think it was worth calling & telling me......
My current posting.....I was given three hours notice.....

Fair do's, it was only a UK move but, needless to say, I told them where they could stick it and that I'd turn up when I was good n' ready.....
I would be more than willing to move jobs with 3 hours notice in fact 3 seconds would do me fine to get out of this office at the moment.

Maybe it will all look rosie in the morning. Just need to find some of those tinted glasses.


 How many times have you got you posting order, phoned up the place your going to, and the bloke you're replacing says "What? Am I going, then?"

 I've done it twice*, and had it done to me once!

*one was a crab, so that doesn't count really. Apparently RAF Insworth make APC Glasgow look well organised and well run.


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To set the record straight...

On of MS's behalf, it has to be said that the rule for all MCM Wings is 6 months NTM.  OK, sometimes that is absolutely wrong, but only rarely.

Secondly, the principle is...  tell the person that will have to move under a cloud before you tell the encumbant.  Or what do you want, let EVERYONE know simultaneously?  Or are you stupid?


A career-threatening disagreement with you, CGS, Sir.

If I'm being given a "go, go, go"-short notice posting does that not usually  suggest that the incumbent is on his way, and a problem has arisen with replacing him?  He should know that he's on his way, just not sure who's replacing him.

The only other solution is that we're both being given "go, go, go" postings. Then the person he is replacing doesn't know who's coming. Not good, and sadly not as rare as you suggest, CGS.

And in these days of modern techology (adopts Mr Chomondley-Warner voice) surely there is more than one facsimilie machine and telephone at APC?  Could people not be told at least on the same day?

Sixth months notification of posting does rely enormously on your desk at Glasgow.  I've managed it once (Inf desk). Anyone out there from the RLC Phot trade had sixth months notification of posting........ever...... ?

So yes, CGS, I will confess to being stupid (seen it in enough CRs to know it now), but this time I'm right!
I has someone phone me up about taking my job. I was more than willing to offer it. The only trouble was he wasn't qualified to do it and as i explained over the phone he said he would ring back. Never heard from him again and i believe he has even left the Army.

Says a lot about my job!!!


6 months notification out of the REME desk is an absolute pipe dream.

Its almost a case of finish, load up the car, then get told where to drive to.

Mind you, i also remember one phone call that came in enquiring why a guy hadnt turned up at his new posting. When this was shouted down the corridor a voice came out the sgt. majors office - "F*ck! I knew i had to tell him something!"
I has someone phone me up about taking my job. I was more than willing to offer it. The only trouble was he wasn't qualified to do it and as i explained over the phone he said he would ring back. Never heard from him again and i believe he has even left the Army.

Says a lot about my job!!!

Yep he is a civvie now earning much moola
Better get in quick with the Army, coz in a few months we won't even have any of those if the cuts continue.
ere.....psssst....GS lend us a rocket launcher or two.....
promise not to break them...much......
oh and could i possibly have several months training on how to fire them without actually killing self?

Bugger it how much is a hitman?

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